Accessing LinkedIn Learning

How do I access LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning can be accessed here.  It will also be located in the employee portal for CU faculty and staff. Students can access it through their campus student portals. 

Who can use the system?

Faculty, staff, POIs, and students on all campuses are able to enjoy LinkedIn Learning. When you leave the university in any capacity, you will lose access. Unfortunately, retirees and alumni cannot currently access this benefit.

Can I access LinkedIn Learning on my phone?

Yes, you must first download the LinkedIn Learning application on your phone.  Next search "" to access the university's single sign-on portal.  From there you will be able to log into LinkedIn Learning.

Do I have to pay for certain courses within LinkedIn Learning?

No. CU faculty, staff and students have unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning through their university affiliation. 

Connecting my profile

How do I connect my LinkedIn profile to my CU LinkedIn Learning account?

When first accessing LinkedIn Learning through your portal, you will be asked to connect your profile. 

If you chose to connect your personal LinkedIn profile after you created a LinkedIn Learning profile please follow these steps:

  1. Open any course.
  2. Click the Q&A section on the right-hand side of the video player.
  3. Click Connect my LinkedIn account and enter your credentials.

When you successfully connect your LinkedIn account you will see the LinkedIn Learning icon on the top left of your screen as shown below.

What data can CU access if I connect my profile?

CU can see the courses you have completed, profile information (name, job title, and profile photo). CU will not be able to see any job search activity you conduct through LinkedIn, any connections or your private messages. 

Why should I connect my LinkedIn Profile to my CU LinkedIn Learning account?

Connecting your profile will result in a more personalized learning experience, including special course recommendations based on your job title, skills, and industry. In addition, every time you complete a learning path and course, you will receive a digital completion badge that can be added to your LinkedIn profile.

Does my CU email account have to be connected to my personal LinkedIn profile?

No. All-access to CU LinkedIn Learning will be through your CU-affiliated portal.

What if I don't have a LinkedIn account?

You may proceed using the system with a name, email address, CU campus, and job title. However, information is available from LinkedIn to guide you through the steps of creating one.

I no longer want to have my profile connected. How do I disconnect?

If you would like to disconnect your profile from CU LinkedIn Learning, reach out to


Do I control what information is displayed on my LinkedIn profile?

Yes, your LinkedIn Learning activity won't show on your LinkedIn profile unless you choose to add a badge of completion.

Will the university have access to view my LinkedIn private activity on my personal account?

No. CU will only be able to see your learning activity, such as courses you've completed through CU LinkedIn Learning. 

If you have any additional questions, suggestions, and corrections, please email