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You're all about CU.

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You're all about CU.

We're all about you

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We're all about you.

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CU’s workforce is working to shape the future of communities, Colorado and the nation. Employee Services strives to make that workforce stronger, healthier and more secure. We provide a holistic approach to better serve and satisfy our employees  through the following programs:

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At CU, the health and wellness of you and your family is priority. That’s why we offer a generous and comprehensive benefits package including health, dental and vision insurance, retirement plans, tuition assistance and more.


What’s in a name? In our case, everything you need to know about us. We collaborate closely with campus HR teams throughout the CU system. Our overarching goal is to provide the resources each employee needs for success. More specifically, we’re here to serve you.


There’s more to Payroll than meets the eye. Every day, an entire team works together to ensure you’re paid correctly and on time, have the documents you need for tax season and simultaneously assist employees and department payroll representatives throughout CU.


As a university, we strive to foster a culture of learning for all employees. There’s personal and professional momentum that comes with continued learning, and it’s in this spirit that we offer a wide variety of training.


COMING SOON! You help make CU something to be proud of. With the contribution of your talent, we’ve been able to create a highly respected system that is one of Colorado’s largest employers. Our size and stature gives us the internal resources to deliver perks and programs designed to keep you happy and fruitful.