Interested in using the tuition assistance benefit?

Read over pointers from the following topics:

Courses and Registration

When can I enroll?

As a general rule, employees must wait until the first day of the term/semester to enroll in courses. If the course meets:

  • on the first day of the semester (early-start class), you may enroll on the first day of class
  • after the first day of the semester (late-start class), you may enroll on the first day of class
  • during the summer semester, you may enroll on the first day of the course (e.g. Maymester, A, B, C, and/or D)

Dependents may enroll before the first day of the semester on their designated registration day. 

I submitted the Faculty/Staff Tuition Waiver Benefit Form, but my requested classes are already full. What should I do?

We suggest writing down all courses you'd like to take so each will be verified during initial processing. When you enroll, select your top choice; if it's full, continue down your list until you're accepted into a verified course.

If all your requested classes are full, you will need to resubmit the form noting additional courses. If no classes of interest are available and you don't end up enrolling, your credits will be available for future use. You do not need to inform Employee Services if you decide not to enroll. 

How do I find out my student ID or IdentiKey for registering for courses?

Your campus admissions office can assist you in obtaining your student ID. 

  • CU-Boulder: 303-492-6301
  • CU Denver and CU Anschutz: 303-315-2601
  • UCCS: 719-255-3383

Contact Boulder OIT for IdentiKey assistance. 

My course needs instructor consent. How do I enroll in this course? 

Once the professor gives you permission to enroll, please work with the department and/or the Office of the Registrar to complete the registration process. You do not need to submit any paperwork nor confirmation to Employee Services. 

Eligibility Questions

I am a CU employee and my spouse is a CU employee. Can I use my spouse’s benefit for myself?

No. You and your dependent spouse cannot be covered as both an employee and dependent under TWB. An employee is how you are identified and must follow all employee rules under eligibility.   

I want to waive my TAB and give it to my dependent, what is required? 

You must provide Dependent Eligibility Verification documents for dependent spouse or child and be approved for eligibility. Review the Dependent Eligibility Verification (DEV) and Required Documents form for additional information.

Submitting the Tuition Assistance Benefit Form

Where do I submit the Faculty/Staff Tuition Waiver Benefit form?

Fill out the online form in the employee portal. We’ll send you an email confirmation noting we've received your form. 

Which must be submitted first: the Tuition Assistance Benefit Form or my admissions application?

You may submit the admissions application and the Tuition Assistance Benefit form simultaneously; however, you must meet each individual deadline.

If eligibility is denied for you/your dependent or your courses, you must pay for the course if you/your dependent continues taking the course.  

I’ve already submitted the Tuition Assistance Benefit Form and decided I want to take different courses. What should I do?

You must either resubmit the original form with the new courses listed or submit a new form.  Your campus' Bursar's Office must verify these new courses for eligibility.

I am an employee and not currently a student. How do I get a student ID?

First, submit a degree/non-degree-seeking application for the campus where you plan to attend classes. The Office of Admissions will provide you a student identification number within several business days. 

Billing, Fees and Costs

What are the fees and additional non-waived tuition not covered by the Tuition Assistance Benefit?

Because student fees and tuition costs vary at each campus, you should contact your campus bursar's office directly.

What is the tax impact of the Tuition Assistance Benefit?

The tax impact of using the Tuition Assistance Benefit will vary based on an employee's income level and usage of the benefit. See our taxes page for more information. 

When will I be taxed? 

Taxation on the Tuition Assistance Benefit is calculated on the calendar year, from January to December. (This is different than how tuition credits are given, which is based on the academic year.)

What are the rates on which I will be taxed?

You will be taxed at supplemental rates of federal, state, Social Security and Medicare. For the supplemental federal and state tax rate, please visit Employee Services' Tax Calculations page. For supplemental Social Security and Medicare tax rates, please visit The IRS' tax topics Web page.

Using the Benefit

When can I use my nine credit hours per year?

All campuses offer the  Tuition Assistance Benefit for Fall, Spring and Summer semesters as well as Maymester, summer sessions and Winterim. Credits do not roll over but refresh each fall (the beginning of the academic year). 

Can I split my nine credits over different semesters?

Yes. Make sure to submit a new Tuition Assistance Benefit Form for each semester you use the benefit. 

Can I use the tuition assistance benefit for graduate classes? 

Yes. You can use your tuition assistance benefit for up to nine credit hours each year for undergraduate or graduate credit-granting courses, based on your and the courses' eligibility. Dependents can use the benefit for graduate classes on your home campus.

Can I take any courses offered at CU Anschutz using the tuition assistance benefit?

Yes. You may take courses in the School of Nursing or Public Health programs only (excluding PUBH 6606 and PUBH 6955). You may not take restricted section types (e.g., extended studies, Continuing Education, etc.). 

I want to take classes at a different campus than where I work. Do I need to fill out an admission application if I have never taken a course at that campus?

Yes. If you are not currently active at the campus as either a degree-seeking or non-degree-seeking student, you must submit an admission application. 

I will be taking a class during working hours, and I filled out the necessary paperwork with my supervisor. Do I need to submit a copy of this agreement?

No. This does not affect your eligibility toward the benefit.

How old does my child need to be to use my benefit?

Your child must be old enough to be able to register to the campus; however, he/she cannot be older than 27 years and a month to use your benefit. At that age, your child is no longer eligible to use your medical/dental/vision/ plans except for extenuating circumstances.