What is the Center of Excellence (CoE)?

To meet the demand of scalability and enterprise-wide goals of Constituent Relationship Management (CRM), CU created an Enterprise CRM Program, led by a CRM Center of Excellence (CoE) that serves CU in the following areas of responsibility: Shared Infrastructure and CRM Program Management, Delivery, and Implementation of Strategy.

  • Shared Infrastructure and CRM Program Management
    • The CoE designs, builds, and manages a shared CU-wide infrastructure for hosting, executing, and maintaining the applications that are the outcomes of CRM initiatives. Additionally, the CoE sets CRM program management strategies for CRM services and oversees their ongoing value and effectiveness based on the business mission, processes, and priorities for CU and the individual campuses.
  • Delivery
    • The CoE utilizes a scalable delivery model for staffing and delivering CRM initiatives / solutions per governance.
  • Implementation of Strategy
    • The CoE implements CRM solutions that meet business goals.

The CoE provides and maintains the technical applications of eComm. The CoE supports the eComm program by:

  • Problem Solving
    • When features of eComm are not functioning correctly, users first contact their eComm Specialist. If their eComm specialist cannot solve the problem, the issue will be escalated to the Executive Director of Electronic Communication in the Office of the President. If the problem cannot be solved at that level, it will be further escalated to the CoE for attention.
  • Enhancements and New Products
    • When new technology is introduced, the CoE works with eComm to assess and implement it so that our users, and in turn CU’s constituents, can benefit.
  • Ongoing Maintenance
    • The CoE works to ensure that eComm’s systems are maintained so that users have access to up to date, accurate information on CU’s constituents that can be used to guide communication efforts.

These efforts help eComm’s users coordinate and integrate the many different interactions that CU’s constituents have with the university throughout their lifetimes.