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View Cvent Event Participation in Salesforce

A 360-degree view of every constituent is the cornerstone of CU’s enterprise Salesforce initiative. Capturing overall event information along with individual and guest participation is just one part of better understanding our constituents. This invaluable behavior data can be cross-referenced with already existing bio-demo data in Salesforce for real-time, actionable data!

To view someone's event participation in Salesforce: 

  1. Login to Salesforce
  2. In the search field at the top of Salesforce, enter name of contact (e.g. Sally Smith)
  3. In search results, click on the name of contact
  4. Once viewing a contact, select the Related tab
  5. Scroll down to Campaign History and click View All
  6. Look for Cvent Event in the Type column. The Status column tells you how the person participated in a particular event (Event Name).

Visibility You can only see event attendance for Campaigns that are owned by your or have been shared with you.