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Salesforce Email Send Data

Marketing Cloud sends Email Send data to Salesforce after a send is complete. You can access valuable data like overall Open/Click rates, whether someone opened or clicked on an email, and which of your links was the most popular. 

Viewing Marketing Cloud Email Send Data in Salesforce

  1. Search for your Email Send in the Global Search Bar at the top of the page
    1. Select Email Sends in the Global Search Bar or on the left Search Results column
    2. You can search by Email Name, From EmailSubject Line, or Job ID (found in the Tracking section in Marketing Cloud), among others
  2. Click on Email Send Name
  3. Scroll through the Details tab to see send statistics about your email
  4. The Related tab provides shows Individual Email Results and Aggregate Link Level Details

NOTE If you've sent your email to a report, you'll be able to view the report names used in Salesforce. Sends to data extensions, however, will not be visible.

Viewing Email Send Data in Salesforce