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MEC Weekly Digest | March 23, 2020

Subscriber Status & Communications

  • Issue: As mentioned in the March 16 weekly digest, some faculty, staff, and students have a subscriber status of held or inactive in Marketing Cloud due to ongoing bounces to their preferred email address (populated from Advance).
  • Update: The COE team determined that there is not a better solution to reactivating held or inactive subscribers. As such, we will continue the manual process currently underway (in addition to ensuring parity between email addresses in Advance and email addresses in Salesforce). Jennifer Mortensen is already working with Advancement reporting to remove over 12,000 incorrect email addresses from the source system, and she will continue this process on a regular basis going forward. 

Some Internal Contacts not Receiving Transactional Communications

  • Issue: Some students, faculty, and staff are reporting that they are not receiving transactional communications despite the work with subscriber status mentioned above.
  • Solution: In a couple of cases, Jennifer Mortensen determined that transactional send classifications had been built incorrectly, which prevented unsubscribed constituents from receiving transactional communications.
  • ACTION: Please check the transactional send classifications in your business units and ensure that the value in the CAN-SPAM Classification drop down menu is set to Transactional. If the setting is Commercial, subscribers who have opted out of email from your business unit will not receive transactional communications.

CAN-SPAM Classification Dropdown

Troubleshooting Contacts not Receiving Emails 

  • Issue: There has been an increase in contacts reaching out because they have not been receiving communications.
  • Solution: If you've already investigated using the issues documented above (subscriber status and send classification verifications), please remember that we have additional troubleshooting steps available on the eComm wiki. We hope these tips and tricks will be helpful to you in addressing complaints and concerns as quickly as possible.

 eComm License Projections for FY '21

  • Issue: The COE has asked us to provide an estimate on license counts for FY '21. We discussed this issue at last week's MEC meeting and determined that there were some gaps/questions re: the license data that the COE provided.
  • ACTION: While we wait to hear back from the COE with clarification on a few questions (such as why Boulder users aren't included in their estimate), please review the FY '21 License Projections spreadsheet. Please send any changes or comments to Jennifer Mortensen by March 27.
    • Table 1 was the data that the COE provided to us.
    • Table 2 is our actual license count today; please refer to the 08 ECOM Licenses Dashboard to view your user data.
    • Table 3 contains projections for FY '21 based on feedback you provided at last week's MEC meeting.

New Wikis & Process Documentation

  • Cvent OnArrival: Melanie Jones updated the wiki about Cvent OnArrival. She added a comparison chart for OnArrival Basic, Premium, and 360 along with details on Kiosk Mode and Event in a Box.
  • Process Documentation: Jennifer Mortensen began documenting her daily/weekly manual processes in case of emergency. She has currently documented the weekly email opt out files process and the daily Marketing Cloud subscriber reactivation process. She hopes to complete the process for weekly bounced emails by the end of the week.

Ongoing TaskRay Tasks & Data Monitoring