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MEC Weekly Digest | February 3, 2020

Cvent Flex

  • Action Needed: Review Flex training for MECs based on the content/discussion from the Jan. 23 meeting. Additional Training Resources including a demo, best practices, and website tips and tricks are now available on the eComm wiki. Special thanks to Mel Jones for assembling these materials.
  • Action Needed: If you will be directly supporting users as they transition to Flex, please consider registering for Cvent's Quarterly Product Update Webinar on Feb. 14.
  • Campus Rollout Updates
    • System and UCCS are underway with inviting users to training. We will provide an update post-training in case it alters how we approach training in March.
    • Boulder & Anschutz can expect an email from Mel before Friday regarding some final details for your Flex training. In the meantime, please continue to play with Flex in preparation for supporting your users transition.
    • Denver is postponing its rollout due to the eComm Specialist transition, but eager users will be invited to join training at System and Anschutz.

Salesforce and Marketing Cloud Connector

  • Update: As mentioned in several previous digests, we are continuing to work with SFMC to correct discrepancies between Salesforce and Marketing Cloud, including differing numbers of email sends and data that contains negative numbers. Thanks to Nonie Roberts for her ongoing efforts working with Salesforce to resolve these issues. We will continue to update you on progress as it occurs.
  • Reportable Data: Melanie Jones created a dashboard that captures the negative numbers we are currently seeing in our org. Once the connector and any related issues are corrected, we should expect these values to change.

RegOnline Transition to Cvent

  • Issue: As you know, Cvent purchased RegOnline and will be sunsetting RegOnline access on Feb. 5. 
  • Impact: We've identified 99 RegOnline users who may be interested in transitioning to Cvent but have not reached out to eComm to inquire about doing so. Summaries of these users can be found in the following Salesforce reports:
  • Areas of Concern
    • Lack of communication from Cvent: Although Cvent indicated that they had reached out to all RegOnline users about the transition and made referrals to eComm when necessary, we believe that there are still some RegOnline users who may be surprised by this transition.
    • Lack of Cvent licenses: If all RegOnline users determine that they want to become Cvent users, we will have an urgent license shortage. 
    • Potential volume of requests: There is concern that given the possible volume, MECs may struggle to adequately support an influx of requests.
  • Action Needed: Please plan to attend (or ensure that someone from your team can attend) a discussion about the best way to proceed with RegOnline users on Feb. 5 at 10:30 a.m.

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