Cvent Flex | Additional Training

Checkout additional Flex training resources directly from Cvent, including easy to apply best practices and advanced webinars.

Demo Flex Features | 20 min

Watch an in-depth demo on the main Cvent Flex enhancements.

3 Flex Best Practices | 9 min

These three new Flex features will bring about effeciency to your event creation.

Maximize your Flex Website | 25 min

Learn how to achieve a few advanced website design possibilities to take your website to the next level. I found this session rewarding with low effort changes that make a big impact.

Watch Webinar | 25 min


Time-Saving Tips and Tricks for Event Planners | 35 min

It’s time to put valuable working hours back in your day. Learn tips from our Cvent experts on their favorite features to boost your productivity. Walk away with actionable best practices to get the most out of the Event Management solution.

Watch Webinar | 40 min


Create a User-Friendly Event Website | 40 min

Creating a user-friendly event website can feel daunting, but this video breaks it down into four simple steps. The time consuming part will be applying the same process to your own event website. 

Watch Webinar | 40 min