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MEC Weekly Digest | August 5, 2022

Process Changes

  • Provisioning (Action Required): Beginning with the September provisioning cycle, users who have not completed their pre-access requirements will NOT be provisioned and will be held until the following month. While we realize that this may be inconvenient, the provisioning process is lengthy (17 pages of steps that occur over two business days), and exceptions often require the team to start the process from scratch for all provisioned/deprovisioned users. Please plan ahead for this change.
  • Requesting Support: In order to better manage support tickets for the System team, we ask that you begin using the eComm help ticket to submit requests. This change will help us ensure that we have the information we need to respond to your inquiry in a timely manner and give us a better sense of needs across the campuses.
    • ​​​​Chatter: Items for group discussion should still be placed in Chatter, such as 'How does everyone address campus user groups?' or 'Is anyone else unable to login to Cvent?'
    • Data Change Requests (including Campus Email Address Update for Individual Contact): Use DCR workflow in Salesforce
    • License Changes (including Public Groups & Business Unit changes): @Melanie Jones on the license object or use the provisioning/deprovisioning flow.
    • Submit Help Ticket:
      • Cvent Speedtypes/Account Codes/Allocation Codes
      • Re-Subscribe Marketing Cloud Subscriber
      • Troubleshooting
      • Other Items Potentially for the CRM Team
  • Next eComm Newsletter(s): Based on your feedback at the July team meeting, we'll be conducting an A/B test with the next few eComm newsletters to determine if engagement is higher when sent with a friendly from reflecting the campus eComm team. We're testing with Anschutz first and will share our results following analysis.

Dashboard Subscription Emails

  • Update: In the July 12 digest, we alerted you to a known issue with Salesforce dashboard subscription emails not being sent as scheduled. SFMC has corrected this problem, but let us know if you continue to encounter errors.

Roadmap Updates

    • Cvent Training: Melanie Jones has created resources for Cvent intermediate training that will be shared with users in our upcoming newsletter. Please let us know how we can continue to assist in this area.
    • Subscriber Reactivation: Claire Hamilton developed an automation to reactivate undeliverable subscribers who are active enrolled/employed. This job will run on a nightly basis.
    • VPN Restrictions: VPN restrictions for Salesforce and Marketing Cloud have been lifted.
    • Cvent Licenses: We've ordered an additional ten Cvent licenses to accommodate ongoing program growth. These licenses will be available in time for the September provisioning cycle.
    • Cvent Integration: While reports of integration issues between Salesforce and Cvent have declined, we are continuing to work with the Cvent team to identify why past issues occurred and prevent them from recurring in the future. A retroactive push to true-up data from Dec. 2021-present will be performed.
    • Distributed Marketing: Claire Hamilton and Daniella Torres have installed Distributed Marketing in the Salesforce sandbox and are currently testing email opt-out handling; the results of this testing will allow us to determine if Distributed Marketing will be a good fit for eComm or if we need to explore alternatives. They are also investigating CPI development to accommodate multiple email fields.
    • Email Preferences Audit/Enhancements: Claire Hamilton, Daniella Torres, and Lauren Galena are beginning an audit of the current email preference center to identify inconsistencies, missing preferences, or broken functionality. Jen Mortensen and Melanie Jones are also working on new header graphics for the subscription pages that will modernize the look and feel of the forms for constituents.
    • Journey Builder Pilot: After talking with the team during the July meeting, we are starting a Journey Builder pilot with UCCS. While we do have limitations within which we'll need to work given our architecture, we think we can make improvements based on your feedback surrounding IER use cases. 
    • Preferred Name (Action Required): We are ready to move forward with the launch of preferred name in Salesforce and Marketing Cloud. MECs should have received an invite for a meeting on Thursday, Aug. 11 from 1:30-2:15 PM to discuss the rollout. We encourage you to review these wikis prior to the meeting:
    • Provisioning Flow: Daniella Torres is working on improvements to the provisioning flow that will streamline the process and allow for speedtype selection and/or speedtype requests. We're currently testing the flow and expect it to be ready in time for the September provisioning cycle.
    • Bounced Email Address Management: Jen Mortensen is working with Claire Hamilton and Daniella Torres regarding improving our processes for bounced email management to ensure more accurate data and increased deliverability.
    • Einstein Enablement: Next week, Claire Hamilton will be enabling Einstein in Marketing Cloud. In order to use the tool effectively, we need to collect 90 days of data, so next steps will be determined once initial data collection is complete. You and your users may see messages related to Einstein in Marketing Cloud. Please disregard those messages for now. 
    • Event Management Requirements Review: Jen Mortensen is working to assemble a requirements document for an event management tool.
    • Synchronized Data Extensions Pilot: We believe that synchronized data extensions may be a good solution to eliminate the need for users to import data extensions. However, this will involve rebuilding existing data extensions and retraining users. We'll be conducting a pilot in the University Relations business unit prior to discussing a broader rollout.

Ongoing Data Monitoring