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MEC Weekly Digest | August 23, 2022

Next Team Meeting

  • Reminder: Our next team meeting will be held Thursday, August 25 at 2 p.m. We will be recording the meeting for those unable to attend.

Requesting Support

  • Action: To help streamline requests for assistance from MECs, we ask that you begin using the eComm help ticket to submit your requests. Doing so will automatically generate a ticket that our team can assign appropriately, and the deadline information you provide will help us to correctly prioritize requests.

Cvent Payment/Refund Processing

  • Update: We are continuing to work with CU Treasury, Cvent,, and Wells Fargo to correct recent issues with payment and refund processing. We will be sending an announcement to users later this afternoon and will be including suggested language for communication with constituents. If you or your users have concerns or would like to discuss specific cases further, please contact Jen Mortensen.

Preferred Name Rollout

  • Update: We'll be discussing preferred name at this Thursday's team meeting. In summary, we plan to launch preferred name on September 12, following two communications to users over the next few weeks to increase awareness.

Roadmap Updates

    • Bounced Email Address Management: Jen Mortensen is reviewing work related to bounce management.
    • Cvent Integration: While reports of integration issues between Salesforce and Cvent have declined, we are continuing to work with the Cvent team to identify why past issues occurred and prevent them from recurring in the future. A retroactive push to true-up data from Dec. 2021-present will be performed.
    • Distributed Marketing: Testing of email opt-out handling is now complete. The CRM team is now working on CPI development for handling multiple email addresses.
    • Email Preferences Audit/Enhancements: Work is continuing on the email preferences audit, and several issues have been identified. Once the audit is complete for all campuses, the team will begin making corrections.
    • Journey Builder Pilots: Do you or any of your super users have possible use cases for Journey Builder? Claire Hamilton and Lauren Galena will be sharing more information about pilot opportunities at this Thursday's meeting.
    • Provisioning Flow: Daniella Torres has completed work on a new provisioning flow. Melanie Jones will provide more information during Thursday's meeting.
    • Automation of Data Extensions: We'd like to revisit the topic of data extension automation to streamline the sending process for users and to improve CAN-SPAM compliance. We'll discuss in more detail during our September team meeting.
    • Event Management Requirements Review: Jen Mortensen is working to assemble a requirements document for an event management tool.

New/Updated Wikis

Ongoing Data Monitoring