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MEC Weekly Digest | April 27, 2020

Reminder: Non-CU Sender Profiles

  • Reminder: Beginning on Tuesday, April 28, sender profiles that contain email addresses from domains other than,,,,, and will not be useable for sends unless you manually verify them.  
    • Note: This also includes domains that vary from the structure above, such as,,, etc.

New Duplicate Submission Process

  • Issue: Since migration to CRM 03, we've been collecting duplicate contact records (DCRs) on a spreadsheet for resolution.
  • Impact: MECs could not submit DCRs in Salesforce as they had done in CRM 01.
  • SolutionAs of today, all MECs will now submit DCRs directly in Salesforce. To do so, navigate to Related > Data Change Requests on a contact. Select the New DCR button and then the type of change: Duplicate Merge, Email Change, Name Change, or Address Change.
    • Once a DCR is submitted, the system will determine the number of Constituent IDs and trigger a notification to either Daniella or UIS. 
      • Duplicates involving one or fewer Constituent IDs (usually one Individual and one Standard contact) and Email, Name, or Address changes on Standard contacts will go to Daniella and will be resolved within 1 week.
      • Duplicates involving more than one Constituent ID (usually two Individual contacts) and Email, Name, or Address changes on Individual contacts will go to UIS and have to be addressed at the source system. Due to this, they will usually be resolved within 2-3 weeks.
        • UIS is currently working on the duplicates in the DCR spreadsheet. They will begin addressing new submissions once they're caught up, in around 2 weeks.
  • If you have any questions or comments, please contact Daniella.

​​​​Skillsoft Audit Update

  • Update: The SkillSoft audit is underway with today being the LAST DAY for users to send completed courses. The rate of completion is only 40%, which leaves 110 individual who have yet to take action.
    • The final reminder will be distributed at 8:30 AM today (April 27th) to those who remain out of compliance. 
  • Next Steps: Tomorrow morning a message will go out to those who have yet to take action indicating they are being de-provisioned. 
    • Melanie Jones is is hoping to send this message via Outlook to CC the MEC; however, it's a daunting task with 100+ users. She will followup on the path chosen via Chatter, depending on today's response. 

Special Team Meeting re: License Management

  • Issue: We have been reviewing login activity for eComm users and have identified a large number who have not logged in since 2019. 
  • Impact: This data presents a great opportunity for us to revisit our processes and procedures around user login and deprovisioning.
  • Next Steps: We'll be meeting as a team this Wednesday to review the spreadsheet data and determine a path forward. Please review the spreadsheet in advance and add notes where appropriate. A few of you have let us know that you've submitted deprovosioning requests for some of these users, and we are happy to investigate discrepancies where needed. 

System Team Taking Over Provisioning

  • Update: The COE is handing off the monthly provisioning and deprovisioning process to the eComm team starting with this month's requests. Melanie Jones and Daniella Torres will be handling this process. Special thanks to Rebecca Lankford and Ilene Mesnard for their help in making this transition.

Email Send Checklist

  • Resource: The UCCS eComm team noticed that with the work transitions and changes associated with COVID-19, some of their users needed a few reminders about things to consider when sending a communication. Kayla Gronseth Boyer assembled a beautiful email checklist that they'll be sharing with their users. Great work, UCCS eComm team!

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