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Marketing Cloud | Three Common Mistakes

Learn how to remedy the most common mistakes we see in Marketing Cloud, including:


When your message lands in an inbox there are three things that would encourage someone to open it. These include the From Name, Subject Line and Preheader. Make sure you are making the most of this prime real estate!


  • Provide additional information to the Subject Line
  • Anticipate the next question someone might have after reading the Subject Line. Add those detail to the Preheader.
  • Subject Line | You and your family are invited to CU at the Zoo!
  • Preheader | Registration closes on Jan. 15


  • Subject Line | Be among the first to see The Light Shines On!
  • Preheader | Feel CU's impact in a 30-minute film


  • Leave Preheader blank (this will force the first part of your email to become the Preheader. It will read 'To view this email as a web page, go here'.) 
  • Repeat Subject Line as the Preheader
  • Subject Line | Registration Now Open: Mini Forum
  • Preheader | 


  • Subject Line | Attend the 2018 Woman's Leadership Summit!
  • Preheader | Attend the 2018 Woman's Leadership Summit!


Image Sizes

As a best practice, your entire email should be no wider than 600 px to ensure it renders well across devices. For example:

  • If you have one image taking up the entire width of the email, it should be uploaded no wider than 600 px. If there is padding on both sides (lets say 10 px), you can subtract that from the image size. In other words, the image you upload should be 580 px wide, so the entire email with padding is 600 px.

Hero Image - 600 px wide

  • If you have two columns, each with an image, they should be uploaded no wider than 300 px. If there is padding on both sides and between the photos (lets say 10 px), you can subtract that from the image size. In other words, the images you upload should both be 285 px wide. Those two images plus the padding makes the entire email 600 px wide.

2 Column Image - 600 px wide

!TIP! Don't forget to check 'Scale to Fit' for your images.

Email Footers

All commercial emails must be sent with two footers to comply with CAN-SPAM:

Footer One 

  • This footer is created by you and must be added to EVERY commercial email. It should include your depart/unit name, physical address, email address, website, and phone number.
!TIP! Once your footer is created Save & Reuse it. It not only saves you time but ensures consistency across your messages.

Footer Two

  • This is selected while sending your email. The Delivery Profile for commercial communications should be 'CU FOOTER FOR ALL EMAILS'.