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Designing Cvent Emails

As you may already know, all emails sent from Cvent are sent transactionally - meaning that they occur AFTER a constituent registers to attend a special event. Post-registration communications typically include at least some of the following communications:

  • Registration Confirmation (and Administrator Registration Confirmation, if applicable)
  • Modification Confirmation
  • Cancellation Confirmation
  • Event Reminder (Know Before You Go)
  • Post-Event Survey or Thank You Message to Attendees

Cvent contains great out-of-the-box functionality that can help to make your event communication goals a reality, but what exactly should you include (or not include) in your emails?

What to Include in your Event Emails

Cvent offers a host of data tags in its emails so that you can include the information that is most relevant to your attendees. A few that CU's event planners use most typically are as follows:

Registrant Information

  • Registrant First Name and Last Name: {[C-FIRST NAME]} {[C-LAST NAME]}
  • Guest Names: {[G-GUEST NAMES]}
  • Total Number of People Registered in Party: {[C-NUM RESERV]} 
  • Confirmation Number: {[C-CONFIRMATION NUM]}

Event Information

  • Event Title: {[E-TITLE]}
  • Event Date: {[E-START DATE]} and {[E-END DATE]} (if applicable)
  • Event Time: {[E-START TIME]} and {[E-END TIME]} (if applicable)
  • Event Location: {[E-LOCATION]}
  • Event Address: {[E-ADDRESS]}

Event Planner Information

  • Event Planner Name: {[P-FIRST NAME]} {[P-LAST NAME]}
  • Event Planner Email Address: {[P-EMAIL]}

Other non-Cvent data tag elements you might want to consider including in your emails are as follows:

  • A map of your event venue (or a link to one)
  • Parking information and walking instructions
  • Downloadable parking pass
  • Event venue information (such as food/beverage allowed inside, clear bag policy, etc.)
  • Venue accessibility information
  • Any other pertinent event details that your attendees need to know (arrive early, look for signs directing to venue, etc.)
  • The CU logo
  • A header image associated with your event

What Not to Include in your Event Emails

By default, Cvent's emails contain a few elements that you do not need to keep for your event communications. These include the following:

  • The Cvent logo at in the footer of your email
  • The Cvent privacy policy in the footer of your email
  • The unsubscribe option in the footer of your email (since post-event communications are sent transactionally)