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CU Office of Advancement Uses Journey Builder to Automate Annual Impact Report to Donors

Katie Theiler and Serwaa Adu-tutu

The CU Office of Advancement annually sends an Impact Report to donors near the end of the year. In 2021, the Impact Report was sent as a one-off email to donors. For the 2022 Impact Report, Katie Theiler and Serwaa Adu-Tutu at the Office of Advancement decided to utilize Journey Builder to automate and optimize the annual email send.

The journey consisted of three emails and a decision split based on clicks in the initial email. All donors who were entered into the journey received the first email, which had two buttons to read more about the Impact Report. One button focused on the financials, and the other on impact report stories. The button(s) the receiver clicked in the initial email determined their path in the journey. Depending on the button(s) clicked, the donor received a second email with related information a week after receiving the initial email.

Compared to metrics from 2021, the unique open rate increased from 40% to 54%, and the unique click-through rate increased from 1.55% to 1.64%. 

Based on the baseline data from the 2022 Impact Report journey, opportunities to further optimize in 2023 have been identified, including adding the Marketing Cloud Einstein's Send Time Optimization (STO) activity to the journey, adding a path in the journey for constituents who don't click in the initial email, and using the Einstein Copy Insights Subject Line Tester tool to enhance the subject lines.

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