Contact Missing from Audience Report

When your user can’t send an email, we know time is of the essence in addressing the issue. Often, the root cause is something over which you have control rather than a systemic failure in Salesforce or Marketing Cloud. When faced with a failed send, follow these steps to identify the hangup.

Identify why a Contact is not Captured in a Report

Does the Contact meet eComm Contact Criteria?

  1. If Contacts do not meet the following criteria, they will be excluded from communications: does not have FERPA flag, is not deceased, is not opted out all CU emails, and is not marked Do Not Contact. 

NOTE this only applies to commercial communications (with the exception of FERPA and deceased).

Is the Contact opted into your category?

  1. Is the Contact opted into the email preference category from which the message is being sent? If no, the Contact will not receive the communication. 
  2. Note: This applies to commercial communications only.

Is the Contact’s Email Address present?

  1. Does the Contact’s email address match where they expected to receive the message? If not, update their email address in the respective source system.
  2. If using a Data Extension, be sure to look at the corresponding University email field.

Does the Contact meet the desired audience Reporting Criteria?

  1. Let’s say you are emailing employees. Your Report would be based off a Contact’s Employment record. If the recipient didn’t get your message, confirm they have an Employment record. If this information is incorrect, it would need to be fixed in the respective source system. Once complete, the Contact should be captured in the Report.

Does the Contact have multiple records in Salesforce?

  1. If yes, which of the Contacts is included in the campaign or report? Is it the right one? Is the email address associated with that Contact correct? Are the email preferences associated with that Contact correct?
  2. After ensuring that the correct Contact is part of the campaign, submit a DCR so that the duplicate records can be merged.

Is the Reporting Criteria Correct?

  1. If you have confirmed all the correct Salesforce data exists for a Contact, and they should therefore be captured in your Report, perhaps the criteria is incorrect. Re-work the Reporting criteria to capture the accurate audience.

TIP Be mindful of AND/OR filter logic

Is the Contact in the Campaign?

  1. If your Report criteria uses a Campaign, confirm the Contact is a Campaign Member. 
  2. If the Contact is not a Member of the Campaign, add them.
  3. ↺ Repeat Step 2 ↺

TIP Searching through a Campaign for particular Campaign Member can be time consuming. Instead, just try to add the Contact to the Campaign. If the Contact is already a member of the campaign, Salesforce will alert you.