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Choosing an Account Code in Cvent

If you are collecting registration funds in Cvent that are being directed to a CU speedtype, you already know that you must select an associated CU account code when configuring your event. But how do you know which of CU's hundreds of account codes are allowable? 

CU's controllers offer the campus-specific guidance below that can help you choose the correct account code now to prevent problems later. 

eComm Tip

The first number of account code is an indicator of how it used. Some account codes are used to collect revenue while others are used to pay for expenses. A good tip? Don't use account number that begin with the number five, as those are for expenses only. And remember, if your event's purpose is fundraising, you'll need to work with Karen Ichiba in the Office of the University Controller.
If Expense Purpose Code 2000 (Auxiliary Enterprises):

  • 280100-Aux Enterprise Rev

If not EPC 2000, and is incidentally related to instruction, research, and/or public service:

  • 250107-SSEA Registration Fee (Sales/Services Educational Activities)
  • 250110-SSEA Conference Fee
  • 250152-SSEA Special Event Revenue

If not EPC 2000, and not incidentally related to instruction, research, and/or public service:

  • 325100-Miscellaneous Rev 325119-Misc Rev - Sponsors
For all fund 20 or 29 STs:

  • 250100-Conference or Training Registration Fees*
  • 250159-Conference Sponsorships

*NOTE: The account code series 28XXXX should never be used for UCD campus. Campus does not have Athletics nor Housing Conference operations.

*NOTE: Non-fundraising events, such as anniversary/reunion dinner or galas w/no gift component to registration fees, should still use account code 250100, as they are being conducted as part of the University’s mission-related educational purpose, and not as a fundraiser.

280100-Aux Enterprise Revenue

284546-Aux Conference

325100-Miscellaneous Revenue

Cvent Account Codes

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