CU takes workplace safety seriously. If you're injured while doing a job the university pays you to do*, you're protected by the Workers' Compensation Act, which covers medical expenses and, following a waiting period, at least a portion of the time taken to treat and recover from work-related accidents.

Find full details on CU's Workers' Compensation policies and procedures on the University Risk Management website.

*See exceptions for students in sponsored internship positions and for employees ineligible for the State of Colorado's On-the-Job Injury leave.

General Information

Your responsibilities

  • You must file a claim by reporting your work-related injury to CU within four working days of the incident (20 if you contract an occupational disease). You must provide either written notice, or complete the University Risk Management Injury Report Form.
  • Seek immediate and appropriate medical treatment. (Learn more about seeking emergency care versus treatment from a designated medical provider.)
  • Notify your supervisor of the injury so he/she can appropriately record your lost time.
  • Keep your medical records for future documentation.
  • Contact University Risk Management at 303-860-5682 (or toll free at 1-888-812-9601) with questions or concerns about claims and other issues.