Lost time is defined as authorized time lost from scheduled work for:

  • authorized medical appointments
  • time off authorized by the Designated Medical Provider (DMP)
  • the department is unable to accommodate restrictions that are placed on the injured employee by the DMP

It is the employee’s responsibility to tell the supervisor if he or she is losing time by giving their supervisor the “Physicians Report of Workers’ Compensation Injury” to document lost time and any restrictions.

Medical appointments, diagnostics and therapy appointments should be scheduled around the employee’s working shift to minimize lost time from work.

Lost Time Worksheet Submission Process

The supervisor and the payroll liaison are responsible for reporting lost time to URM per the instructions listed below:

  • Lost time worksheets must be completed in full (all dates and hours for workers’ compensation time and non-workers’ compensation time).
  • Worksheets must be submitted every two weeks until the employee reaches maximum medical improvement or the handling adjuster advises otherwise.
  • When an employee is not OJI eligible or has reached make whole, lost time worksheets must be submitted weekly. What is OJI eligible?
  • To submit lost time, please click on the link below using Internet Explorer. You may also print the form below and fax lost time to URM at 303-860-5680.

Lost Time Worksheet

Waiting Period

Under Colorado Workers’ Compensation law, an employee must exceed three scheduled shifts of authorized lost time before Workers' Compensation lost time benefits begin.

This is defined as the “waiting period.” URM must have lost time worksheets submitted in order to track this information.

Time Coding

The waiting period is coded as sick/vacation leave. If an employee continues to have authorized lost time that lasts longer than two weeks from the day they left work as a result of the injury, then the sick/vacation time must be changed to On the Job Injury (OJI).

On the Job Injury (OJI) Eligible and Non-Eligible Employees

  • permanent employees of the university
  • employees hired at 1 percent or 10 percent time into a permanent position in the classified system
  • officers, exempt professionals and faculty on twelve-month appointments

If an employee is On the Job Injury eligible (OJI) and the waiting period has been met, the employee will receive 100 percent of their pay from their department for 90 occurrences. An occurrence is counted based on time lost from work. If an employee loses one hour for a medical appointment on a working day, the day is counted as a full occurrence. If 90 occurrences are reached, your handling adjuster will be in contact with you regarding the make whole process.

State of Colorado OJI Policy

  • part-time employees (this may include 9 month faculty)
  • student workers
  • student interns
  • retirees

If an employee is NOT eligible and the waiting period has been met, URM will pay the employee directly based on the number of hours lost at 66 2/3 percent of their normal salary on a bi-weekly basis as defined under Colorado Workers’ Compensation law.