The University of Colorado offers camp medical and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance coverage for a nominal fee. This insurance is secondary to the registered camp participant's primary medical insurance and will serve as a primary insurance if your child had no medical coverage in effect at the time of the injury/illness. For registered camp participants who are injured or become ill during the course of camp activities this secondary coverage MAY provide payment for medical care and reimbursement for prescriptions and transportation costs.

Coverage is limited to injuries sustained because of participation in the camp. Pre-existing injuries and illnesses are typically NOT covered under this policy.

The University of Colorado is exposed to liability resulting from camp activities. The general term "camps" is defined as: "A university sponsored on or off-campus activity where registered participants are provided structured activities with the goal of academic or athletic improvement through learning under CU's direction, but which are not part of the university's main academic and athletic programs. Camp duration may be one day to several weeks, and may include overnight stay."

Excluded Activities:

  • field trips as part of CU coursework
  • field trips to a CU campus
  • conferences and seminars
  • third party camps not sponsored by CU
  • CU employees conducting camps for personal gain are considered third parties and are subject to the same requirements and exclusions as any other third party who uses university facilities, CU employees conducting camps for personal gain are excluded from CU insurance coverage and liability protection

Camps may be co-sponsored by CU and a non-CU entity. Sponsoring entities should refer to the Administrative Policy Statement.

As soon as possible prior to your camp beginning, please complete the camp insurance application. Please note camps participating in camp insurance must elect coverage for all participants.

Camp Insurance Application

The URM camp coordinator will e-mail confirmation and CU insurance identification cards.

Pre-Planning Recommendations and Tools:

Camp Activities Guidelines 
This information helps provide a positive and safe experience for participants, employees and visitors involved in camp programs.

Camp Risk Assessment and Emergency Planning Checklist 
The form helps identify hazards that could adversely affect camp programs.

Camp Participant Informed Consent Form and Medical History Form 
This form helps prevent health risks to the camper by giving the counselor’s background information on a campers medical history (diabetes, asthma, allergies etc.).

Volunteer Notice of Risk and Waiver 
This form grants university employees permission to authorize emergency care on your behalf in an emergent situation along with releasing the university of all of potential injuries that may arise out of participation in the volunteer activity.

CU System Child Protection Policy

Identify and then provide to all camp counselors:

  • location and contact details of selected medical providers
  • participant personal insurance information and/or CU insurance identification cards

It is recommended to have a parent or legal guardian complete a claim form before camp. This option is helpful in expediting the claim process.

If your child/camper was injured or became ill during participation in a University of Colorado academic or athletic camp activity and required medical attention, please file a claim with URM.

File a Claim

Submit your claim form by faxing to 303-860-5680, or emailing to

Medical Attention

The camp sponsor, an individual or group approved by the university or camp to conduct the camp, is responsible for making sure that the camp participant has received timely medical care, and for filing a claim with URM. For emergencies, dial 911. For non-emergencies, transport to a medical provider.


All participants may have their prescription (Rx) filled at any pharmacy provided that participant is able to pay up front for the Rx. Participant then may request reimbursement through the claim process. Boulder participants may have their Rx filled at The Apothecary, located on the Boulder campus. The Apothecary directly bills CU Camp Insurance and no up-front payment is required.

Submit all medical bills, Rx receipts and completed claims forms to URM Camp Coordinator:

University Risk Management
Attn: Paul Brodnik
1800 Grant Street, Suite 700
Denver, CO 80203
Phone: 303-860-5673
Fax: 303-860-5680