The university recognizes that provision of off-campus activities enhances the academic and co-curricular learning environment. It is also recognized that off-campus activities may pose additional responsibilities and increased exposure of risk to participants, as well as to the university.

The following guidelines are intended to assist faculty, staff, students, volunteers, and agents acting on behalf of the university to minimize the risk related to university sponsored off-campus activities.

Responsibility and Accountability

Each activity requires pre-planning to demonstrate that conscious decisions are being made with respect to the reasonableness of risk. Proper planning will include consideration of potential issues and incidents such as accident, criminal activity, injury, illness, misconduct, natural disaster, theft, vehicle emergencies and weather. URM provides the following resources:

Contact URM with any questions.

Campus, Departments and Units
Departments are to provide support, information, interaction, and control as is reasonably necessary and appropriate to the activity. This includes following university, campus and department procedures and policies.

Event Coordinators
Event Coordinators are university employees, authorized volunteers or affiliated group individuals who may plan, arrange and lead various types of off-campus activities (e.g. instructional, field, recreational, and athletic trips).

Coordinators will secure written approval of the activity and itinerary by the department approving authority. When assessing risk, coordinators should consider age, experience, and abilities of participants, plan to avoid or manage foreseeable risks of the activity and alert participants of possible risks. Coordinators should be careful not to alter an activity in such a way that places participants at unreasonable risk.

Event Participants
Participants are expected to comply with university policies, rules and regulations. Participant awareness of his/her own personal safety while on any off-campus activity is essential. Participants are responsible for their own behavior and any resulting consequences.

The university is not liable for any loss, damage, injury or other consequence resulting from a participant's failure to comply with university policies, rules and regulations, and applicable laws while participating in the off-campus activity.

Waivers and Releases

Participants in off-campus activities which may include special risk components should be provided with and sign a liability waiver, indemnification and assumption of risk form which identifies and provides notice those activities may include inherent risks for loss or injury.

The university event coordinators should have participants complete and submit the Participant Notice of Risk and Waiver to the sponsoring department. Completed forms should be kept on file by the sponsoring department/unit as required by the Retention of University Records policy.


Owners of the activity site may require a contract, license, or agreement for use of off-campus facilities. Contact University Counsel or the Procurement Service Center for contract review and URM for insurance language reviews and certificate of insurance requests. An individual's authority to execute a contract on behalf of the university is only acquired through written delegation. Please follow university contracting policies and procedures before entering into a binding agreement on behalf of the university. Allow adequate lead time for contract preparation, review and approvals.

Certificates of Insurance

When entering into a written agreement/contract for use of a non-university facility or other property, government agencies, businesses, and individuals often require “proof of insurance” from the university. Proof of insurance is commonly shown on a certificate of insurance. Further details on ordering or requesting certificates of insurance can be found on the URM website. Your campus URM office can provide further guidance on insurance language in contracts and certificates of insurance.

Insurance and Reporting Losses

URM provides adequate insurance coverage for the university’s diverse risks. Claim reporting forms are available on the URM website on the file a claim page. Contact your campus risk management office for additional information concerning insurance and claims.