University Risk Management offers a variety of services to the campus communities of the University of Colorado. These services provide our employees with the ability to identify and manage risks, know and take the appropriate steps in certain events, and instill a culture of safety in their organizations.


 Workers' Compensation

Incident procedure, designated medical providers, information on eligibility and resources for supervisors and payroll liaisons. LEARN MORE

 Property Insurance

CU provides insurance coverage for university property. Here you can find information on incident procedure and types of covered losses. LEARN MORE

 Automobile Insurance

CU provides property damage and liability insurance for CU vehicles. Here you can also find information on rental vehicle coverage and accident procedures. LEARN MORE


 General Liability

CU provides liability insurance to protect the Board of Regents, the university campuses and employees from actual or alleged negligent acts and omissions while acting in the performance of duties on behalf of the university. LEARN MORE

 Certificates of Insurance

When entering into a written agreement or contract, businesses and individuals often require proof of insurance from the third-party with which they are contracting. Proof of insurance is commonly shown on a certificate of insurance. LEARN MORE

 Camp Activities

CU offers medical and AD&D insurance coverage for a nominal fee for university affiliated camps. Here you can also find the camp insurance application and incident procedure. LEARN MORE