As the supervisor of an injured employee, you have responsibilities that include but are not limited to:

  • Verify that the employee’s work related injury is reported to URM in a timely manner.
  • Provide the employee with the Designated Medical Provider list for your campus so the employee may choose a DMP.
  • After every DMP exam, confirm the employee is giving you their “Physicians Report of Workers’ Compensation Injury.”
    • If there are any restrictions given, determine if your department can accommodate.
    • Immediately communicate with URM if the injured employee is unable to return to work within restrictions or is taken off work by a DMP.
  • Track and report ANY lost time the employee has because of his or her workers’ compensation claim to URM (Payroll Liaisons may also be responsible for this task).
  • Ensure that workers’ compensation posters are up and visible to your employees in community areas.

The assigned adjuster may or may not contact you directly with additional questions they have regarding the workers’ compensation claim. Please contact URM to discuss any questions.

Payroll Liaisons

Payroll liaisons may share some of the same responsibilities of the supervisor depending on your campus and your specific department. Either you or the supervisor must report ANY lost time for a work related injury directly to URM. Contact Human Resources for any family medical leave questions or Employee Services for any time coding questions.

Lost Time Worksheet Submission Process

  • The supervisor and the payroll liaison are responsible for reporting lost time to URM per the instructions listed below:
  • Lost time worksheets must be completed in full (All dates and hours for workers’ compensation time and non-workers’ compensation time).
  • Worksheets must be submitted every two weeks until the employee reaches maximum medical improvement or the handling adjuster advises otherwise.
  • When an employee is not OJI eligible or has reached make whole, lost time worksheets must be submitted weekly. What is OJI eligible?
  • To submit lost time, please click on the link below. You may also print the form below and fax lost time to URM at 303-860-5680.

Lost Time Worksheet