I’m not sure if I’m an employee, should I still file a claim?

If you’re not sure if you are an employee of the University of Colorado, please still file a claim and contact University Risk Management directly at 303-860-5682 or toll-free at 888-812-9601. URM is here as a resource to our employees and will contact you directly if there are any employment questions.

I was injured at work but I’m not sure if it would be covered under workers’ compensation. Should I still file a claim?

If you believe your injury is work related, please file a claim with URM. An adjuster will be assigned to complete an investigation and determine if this is a covered workers’ compensation claim.

I had a work related injury but don’t want to see a doctor. Do I still need to go to a designated medical provider (DMP)?

The university cannot force anyone to seek medical treatment. URM strongly encourages injured workers to seek medical care with a DMP, at least for an initial evaluation.

It is also important to remember that no lost time or medical restrictions will be authorized under workers’ compensation unless authorized by a DMP. 

I received a bill associated with my workers’ compensation claim, what should I do with it?

If you receive any bills directly from a provider, DO NOT DISREGARD THEM, forward to URM directly by email, mail or fax.

University Risk Management
1800 Grant St. Suite 700
Denver, CO 80203
Fax: 303-860-5680

I ran out of mileage forms, where can I get more?

Please click on the link below, fill out the appropriate information, and return to URM by email, mail, or fax for review.

Mileage Log Form

I’m a supervisor. My injured employee is losing time from work. What do I do?

Authorized lost time due to medical appointments, physical therapy, diagnostic testing, or the department’s inability to accommodate a worker’s restrictions must be submitted to URM on the lost time worksheet. Please refer to the lost time tab for an overview or contact URM.

I want to know more about the Colorado Workers’ Compensation Act. What are my rights and responsibilities as an injured worker?

You can always contact URM with any questions that you have regarding your workers’ compensation claim. The Colorado Division of Workers’ Compensation has a number of resources, including an employee handbook. You may review the Colorado Division of Workers’ Compensation website for more information.

I’m losing time for my job but I haven’t met the waiting period. Who pays for my initial lost time?

Until an employee has met the initial waiting period, any authorized lost time will be charged to the employee’s sick, vacation, or comp time. Please refer to the lost time tab for more information, or contact URM.

I received an Admission of Liability in the mail. What does it mean?

If you receive any admissions from our office, please contact your adjuster directly to discuss any questions you may have. You may also review the Colorado Division of Workers’ Compensation website for more information.

I received the Authorization for Medical Release and Medical Treatment Information form in the mail. What is this for?

The Medical Treatment Information form should contain information for any physicians that you have seen previously for any prior conditions that are similar or related. 

The Authorization for Medical Release needs to be signed and returned to University Risk Management:

University Risk Management
1800 Grant St. Suite 700
Denver, CO 80203
Fax: 303-860-5680

The doctor gave me a prescription. How do I get it filled?

At your first visit with the DMP, you should be given information for MyMatrixx. Please give this information to the pharmacy of your choice, and your prescription will be covered with no charge to you.

Within 10 days of filing your claim, you will receive correspondence from myMatrixx explaining how to use them for all of your prescriptions related to your claim. If you have not received your MyMatrixx information, please contact URM.