Handdrawn Warrant


The new handdrawn form has:

  • Updated earnings codes such as RGN and CRX
  • Current links to SBS and procedures
  • A section to write the date and time of term for involuntary terms so we can better coordinate timing in meeting state guidelines on compliance.

Reasons to submitting a handdrawn include:

  • Involuntary termination (including layoffs)
  • Pay to process in conjunction with an overpayment
  • Lost check replacement (A handdrawn can be submitted if a lost check has not returned to CU after 10 business days from the original issue date.  Please ask the employee to set up direct deposit for the reissue.)
  • Employee passed away
  • Employee has retired (and therefore the department no longer has access to the position)
  • Department no longer has access to pay employee due to system limitation (earnings date is prior to 12/2015, for example)

All other pay should be entered in CU Time for the off-cycle

Please contact Employee Services Payroll before submitting a handdrawn for any reason not listed above. Please include the Employee Services approver name and reason in the comments on the form.

Last updated: 2018

Download this form below. After completing the form and obtaining all required signatures, please use the 'Submit form to ES' button for processing.