Review the procedures and policies on ways to terminate an employee.

Employees separate from the university for a variety of reasons, and several parties may be involved in processing a termination. Please use the information below to determine the responsibilities for each party.

Step-by-Step: Terminating an Employee

Step-by-Step: Automatic Termination (Auto Term) 

Demo and practice: HCM Termination exercise

Step-by-Step: Approving Transactions


Termination for Cause

To effectively process Termination for Cause, there must be coordination among the department supervisor/department administrator/appointing authority, the campus human resources office, the department HCM Community member and Employee Services.

Supervisor/Department Administrator/Appointing Authority

  1. Involve your campus' Human Resource office.
    Departments must work with their campus HR offices and/or legal counsel whenever an employee must be terminated for cause. Consider all legal and personnel issues before taking any action. The department/supervising authority must ensure all human resources requirements are met.
  2. Notify your department's HCM Community member.
    The appropriate department supervising authority must notify the department’s HCM Community member whenever a termination for cause action is being taken. Notification should occur in advance whenever possible to give the HCM Community member and Employee Services sufficient time to process the final payment.
  3. Provide your HCM Community member final pay information.
    The department supervising authority must provide the HCM Community member with current and accurate information on final pay due the employee. Use department or campus checkout forms to ensure all issues related to termination have been accounted for. The final check should include all of the following as they apply: regular salary through the last day worked; payment for any remaining vacation balance; sick payout only if eligible (see note); overtime pay; shift differential; any additional outstanding pay items. Reductions in pay that are still outstanding should also be mentioned, such as VDK, SDK, DK1, and DK2.

    Note: Sick payout of 25% of remaining balance (up to maximum limit) will only apply if an employee's eligibility for retirement is confirmed and documented.
  4. Provide your HCM Community member the last date of employment.
    The department supervising authority must provide the HCM Community member with a confirmed final date of employment. This is needed to begin the termination payment process and correctly enter the action into HCM.
  5. Notify the employee of the termination decision.
    After working with Human Resources, notify the employee of the termination decision and the method by which he/she will receive final pay.

Department HCM Community Members

  1. Confirm the correct last date of employment has been provided.
  2. Confirm all outstanding pay items.
    Enter the termination action into HCM as soon as possible, provided it does not create confidentiality issues. The effective date will be the day after the final day worked, or on paid leave.

    For example, an employee who worked through 3/12/19 will have an effective date of 3/13/19 for the Termination for Cause action in HCM.

    If the termination action cannot be entered, or final pay processed (e.g., HCM is unavailable), contact an Employee Services payroll counselor.
  3. Provide Employee Services advance notice of the pending termination.
    Contact an Employee Services payroll counselor to alert payroll of the Term for Cause, discuss timing issues and arrange for distribution of the termination check. If you cannot provide advance notice, notify Employee Services as soon as possible.
  4. Be aware of the payroll deadline, and process any pull/cancelation requests using the normal pull/cancel process.
    Termination actions processed after the payroll deadline will require a pull/cancel of the employee's regular pay so a replacement hand-drawn check with the correct information can be provided in its place to prevent overpayment.
    • Prepare and submit to Employee Services a Handdrawn Request Form.
      Indicate reason No. 3, Involuntary Separation. To avoid delaying payment, the form must be correct and complete, referencing all final pay items due. Please also check the "Involuntary Separation" box at top of Handdrawn Warrant Request Form.

Employee Services

  1. Assist each department with any issues and questions.
  2. Process any requested pull/cancelation related to the termination.
  3. Process all termination hand-drawn requests in a timely manner, provided all information is complete and HCM is available for use.

Time Frame for Final Pay

University of Colorado employees who are terminated for cause are entitled to receive their final payment as quickly as business allows. For employees who live and work in other states, those state regulations must be reviewed to determine proper final payment rules for terminations. Meeting this requirement involves effective and timely coordination, and sufficient advance notice to Employee Services.

Processing may be delayed if HCM is not available.