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Should I be a Cvent user?

Cvent is a powerful event planning tool, and with that advanced functionality comes a steep learning curve. 

While we have roughly 175 Cvent users across CU, we are often asked, "How many events should I be planning per year if I want to use Cvent?" While we don't have a specific threshold for making that decision, your eComm Specialist will talk with you about the number of events you host annually, each event's level of complexity, your number of expected attendees, you expected event-related communications, etc. Once they've gathered all of the information about your event planning role, they'll be able to make an appropriate recommendation.

Often, our users find that if they only host a few events per year that are generally of low-complexity, they aren't a good candidate for a Cvent license. In these cases, your eComm Specialist might offer to build an event registration form for you, or they might know of another user in your unit who could help. We want to ensure your success in Cvent (and at your event!) while being good stewards of CU's resources. 

Still wondering if you're a good fit? Contact your eComm Specialist to schedule a discovery session.