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MEC Weekly Digest | May 26, 2020

SFMC Connector Refresh

  • Update: The SFMC connector refresh attempt is proceeding as planned at 2:00 p.m. tomorrow, May 27. We've sent two notifications to users already and will send a third tomorrow morning. Jen Mortensen and Nonie Roberts met with SFMC today to ensure that we are ready to complete the refresh as quickly as possible.
  • Retroactive Data Correction: Once the connector is fixed, SFMC has informed us that they will need to open an additional case to correct retroactive send data (which could take anywhere from days to weeks depending on the amount of missing data). We will be working with the same case manager on that project, so we will move as quickly as possible.

Q3 Email Preference Requests

  • ACTION: If you have any email preferences submissions for Q3 of CY20, please submit them by June 1 on the Q3 tab of our email preferences spreadsheet.   

eComm User and License Management Policy

  • ACTION: Please review and share your feedback on the draft eComm user and license management policy prior to our team meeting on May 28. 

Monthly Login Audit

  • ACTION: Please review the monthly login audit spreadsheet and complete the columns for your users by May 29.

Advance IDs in Marketing Cloud

  • Issue: Many Advance IDs were missing from the subscriber table in Marketing Cloud.
  • Impact: MECs and users who rely on Advance ID for reporting purposes had to complete numerous additional steps to obtain needed data.
  • Solution: Jen Mortensen loaded around 650K Advance IDs to the subscriber table last week. You should now start to see those values populate more frequently for individual contacts.

Cvent User Survey Results and Additional Research

  • Survey Results
    • Number of Registrants
      • We only had 44 survey responses, but that group anticipated total registrations for FY21 of nearly 36,000. Given that the 44 respondents only make up a bit over 24% of our total users, we can perhaps still extrapolate from that and assume that the actual number might be again around 100,000.
    • Number of Events
      • The survey respondents reported that they would be planning around 1,000 events. Again, it’s a bit challenging to extrapolate from this small number of people, but it certainly doesn’t seem that this group is planning to cut back in a substantial way.
    • Free vs. Paid
      • The respondents indicated that of the 1,000 events they’d be hosting, 252 (or about 25%) would be paid. The opportunity to further explore Cvent alternatives for free events could potentially be lucrative.
  • Past Event Data
    ​Jen Mortensen worked to assemble some key past event data that we hope could also be helpful in making contract decisions, or at least in guiding the conversation.
    • Number of Registrants
    • Number of Events and Free vs. Paid
      • Event data to date for FY20 (so possibly skewed by COVID) indicates that of 1,062 events, only 277 were paid. This aligns surprisingly well with the survey despite the low responses, with the percentage of paid events being 26%. Again, there are likely potential savings here if we are able to identify an alternative tool or payment structure for free events.
  • Considerations for Subscription Forms
    ​Mel Jones worked to assemble specific data on Cvent subscription forms so we can begin exploring alternative collection methods.
    • Cvent-Salesforce Integration Dashboard (last two rows focused on subscription Cvent forms)
    • We have 42 subscription forms, 37 of which are currently active. Between those 42 forms, 6,706 registrants have been collected via Cvent.
      • Note: the Dashboard indicates 44K registrants. 37K of these were uploaded to the Campaign via Apsona from a pre-existing list.

Ongoing TaskRay Tasks & Data Monitoring