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MEC Weekly Digest | June 7, 2021

June Last Login Audit

  • Reminder: The last login audit for June has begun. Jen Mortensen will send user information to the team tomorrow, June 8, and will follow up with deprovisioning messaging as needed on June 14.

Org Tree Hierarchy Update

  • Update: The COE has added a new field to the employment object called "Org Tree." This field represents the reporting hierarchy to which an employee belongs. The addition of this data will allow you to create reports based on that hierarchy (for example, easily building a report of all employees who are under a particular leadership structure, such as a vice chancellor or dean).
  • Instructions: Melanie Jones will be updating the reporting wiki to include information on how to properly use the org tree field for reporting purposes. Daniella Torres will be updating the data dictionary in the coming weeks as well.
  • Special Thanks: Please join us in thanking Lisa Carr for her work on this project.

Advance IDs Missing/Deleted in Salesforce

  • Update: Daniella Torres has been working with UIS to investigate why some records that previously had Advance IDs now do not. It appears that the majority of the missing Advance IDs are related to duplicate merges. MDM was not selecting a surviving Advance ID when merges were completed, and therefore, the Advance ID field was set to null.
  • Next Steps: The team is currently testing a solution in which MDM will select a surviving Advance ID when a merge occurs. We should have more information soon.

Employment Object Field Update

  • Current Position Hire Date: We identified that this field was not populated for any contacts. Additionally, we were unable to identify data in HRMS that could be used to populate this field. As such, the field has been removed.
  • Original Hire Date: Please be advised that the data in this field is not reliable in many cases. We elected not to remove the field because we don't want to break reports that are currently using it. However, if you are seeking to accurately report on original hire date, we recommend working with HR. 

Updates on Outstanding Issues

  • GeoPointe Address Fields: Work is continuing on GeoPointe address fields.
  • Marketing Cloud View in Browser Language: Jen Mortensen is continuing to work with SFMC on updating the default view in browser language. Testing to date has been unsuccessful, but we remain hopeful that we will identify a solution.

Ongoing Data Monitoring