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MEC Weekly Digest | June 29, 2021

July Provisioning

  • Friendly Reminder: Get your provisioning and de-provisioning requests submitted and approved (via a comment on the MEC Chatter Group announcement) by Wednesday, 6/30.
    • Credentials will be available to new users on Tuesday, July 6th.
  • View Dashboard >> change eComm Specialist Filter

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector

  • Issue: Thank you, Tom, for identifying inconsistencies within Email Sends and Individual Email Results in Salesforce.
    • Individual Email Results (IERs): As of June 15, only IERs where the recipient took an action (or it bounced) are sent to Salesforce. 
    • Email Sends: All but 23 of 18K+ Email Sends indicate a blank 'Business Unit'. As a result, any Reports or Dashboards that leverage the Business Unit field are temporarily broken. 
  • Status: The CoE is addressing this ticket as soon as possible.

Automation Studio Error

  • Issue: MECs attempting to send Salesforce Send Emails via Automation Studio have been encountering an error message that prevents them from selecting email content.
  • Root Cause: Our SFMC case manager was able to identify that the error message in Automation Studio was related to an unknown change to Marketing Cloud roles and permissions (likely associated with the recent release). The System team is continuing to investigate what changed and will keep you updated accordingly.
  • Workaround: We have a workaround in place for MECs who use Automation Studio to send Salesforce Send Emails. Please let us know if you need more information.

Marketing Cloud View in Browser Language

  • Update: After multiple attempts to change the "To view this email as a web page, go here" text in the Marketing Cloud header, our SFMC case manager was unable to identify an org-wide solution in MC03 nor to determine why we were able to make the language change successfully in MC01. Given that this has been an issue for some time, we are currently tabling it until we migrate to a new Marketing Cloud org.

Ongoing Data Monitoring