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MEC Weekly Digest | February 17, 2020

Salesforce and Marketing Cloud Connector

  • Update: We are continuing to experience problems with the connector. The next attempt at repairing it will occur on Friday, February 28 beginning at 7:00 p.m. when Nonie Roberts and Jen Mortensen are planning to refresh the connector and reintegrate all users. We expect this process to be complete by 9:00 p.m. 
  • User Communication: We are currently finalizing a downtime announcement that we plan to send to users no later than Friday, February 21. We will send an additional reminder as February 28 approaches, as well as a communication when the downtime is complete. If you haven't yet done so, you can view a draft of the communication that outlines what the downtime will entail in Chatter.
  • Solution: Once the connector is successfully repaired, we will push all missing data from Marketing Cloud to Salesforce. We will keep you informed as progress on this issue continues. Please note that this fix will not repair the negative send numbers we are encountering in Salesforce, as that is a separate bug with a fix scheduled for March.

Content Detective Bug

  • Issue: We have learned that there is a bug in Marketing Cloud's Content Detective feature.
  • Impact: The bug generates a message telling the user that their email is a spam risk because is contains the content 4U even if no such content is in the message.
  • Solution: Marketing Cloud has no planned fix at this time.

Cvent Merge Job

  • Issue: Due to a system limit on the number of potential duplicates that could be looked at nightly, there were over 200,000 duplicates in the Unmatched Contacts account after the migration.
  • Update: In August, the COE gave the System team access to manually run this job several times a day. We're happy to report that the number of duplicates that have not been addressed is now 144.

RegOnline User Update

  • Update: We sent a survey to former RegOnline users on Wednesday, February 12 to assess possible needs for Cvent. We currently have only one response that Jen Mortensen sent to Jessica Raab in Chatter. Jen will continue to check survey results weekly for the next four weeks and will send information to MECs as needed.
  • New Development: We learned last week that Cvent is offering former RegOnline customers a free trial account. One of our MECs was approached by a user with a free account who was ready to launch her event even though it was not in CU's Cvent org. Cvent cannot move events between orgs, so be prepared that you may be approached by users in this situation who require quick assistance.

Ongoing TaskRay Tasks & Data Monitoring

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