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MEC Weekly Digest | April 12, 2021

Cvent Event Titles with Hyphens

  • Issue: The Treasurer's Office has identified that Cvent event titles containing hyphens (rather than dashes) are creating payment processing issues with
  • Solution: The System team will communicate this issue to users via the collaborative community and the April newsletter. We'll also review active events that contain hyphens in the title and contact those users on your behalf. 

April Last Login Audit

  • Reminder: Jen Mortensen will begin the last login audit for April today, April 12, and will notify MECs of results by April 14. We will plan to notify users during the week of April 19, with deprovisioning requests following during the week of April 26. 
  • Action: If you have users who haven't logged in for various reasons but are electing to keep their licenses (i.e. unit funded), now would be a great time to touch base with them again regarding their plans for the upcoming Fiscal Year.

Q2 Business Unit and Email Preference Requests

  • Update: The COE has completed work on all business unit and email preference requests for Q2, and Jen Mortensen has verified functionality through testing. Please join me in thanking Rebecca Lankford for her ongoing support of these efforts.

Pending Change: Active Enrolled Field

  • Reminder: As mentioned in Chatter, you might recall an issue we encountered at CU Boulder last spring in which the date associated with the Active Enrolled field was before the date of the Boulder commencement ceremony. This resulted in students who had not yet graduated but were about to being unable to receive communications after their Active Enrolled field value changed from True to False. To prevent the same from happening this semester on any of our campuses, we're proposing that we change the date of the active enrolled field so that Active Enrolled = True for 30 days after the end of the semester.
  • Action: If you have any concerns about this change or have associated questions you would like to address, please reply to the post in Chatter or contact Jen Mortensen by April 14.

Unique Counts in Reports Causing Data Extension Imports to Fail

  • Issue: We've recently noticed that Salesforce reports using the unique count feature are causing data extension imports to return 0 records.
  • Solution: If you encounter a data extension import returning 0 records, check the report to determine if it contains a unique count. If so, remove the unique count from the report and import your data extension again. Please feel free to contact Daniella Torres if you have any questions or concerns. 

Discover Reporting Sunset

  • Issue: Marketing Cloud Discover Reporting is scheduled for retirement in all Marketing Cloud accounts on April 21, 2022. Datorama Reports will replace the Discover reporting tool. 
  • Action: While we are still learning about this change, please let us know if you or your users are currently utilizing Discover Reports in Marketing Cloud. We will provide more information on this change as soon as it is available.

Updates on Outstanding Issues

  • Advance IDs Deleted from Salesforce: UIS Integrations team continuing to investigate.
  • Org Tree Reporting Hierarchy: The COE team has begun work on an outstanding request that would allow us to report in Salesforce using organizational hierarchy (i.e. reporting on everyone who reports up through a certain director, or everyone in the hierarchy under a vice chancellor). Work has just begun with a small team consisting of Lisa Carr, Tracy Berger, and Daniella Torres. We'll provide more information on progress as it occurs. 
  • Pre-First Term Field: Thanks to those of you who responded re: the pre-first term field and its applicability for your campus. Since it seems that campus-specific changes to the field are applicable but not urgent, the task will remain in the backlog for now. Please contact Jen Mortensen if you have concerns or if this field becomes urgent.
  • SSL Certificate: Lisa Carr is working on the final steps associated with enabling the SSL certificates to correct image display issues in Google Chrome.

Ongoing Data Monitoring