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Cvent | Product Updates for Jan-March 2017

Below are some highlights from the releases and enhancements that were made in the last quarter and are available today. Additional release details can be found at:

Event Management

  • Event Approval in Express: This update allowed us to give all CU Cvent users access to create Express Events. Just like the event approval process for standard events, the same process now applies to Express Events as well. 
  • Session Locations: You can now create a list of locations within your event and assign sessions to those locations. This will allow you to display the location of each session on the event website and in the registration process. 
  • New Order Summary Data Tag: A new Order Summary data tag is now available. This new data tag has been completely redesigned to better display the item costs and tax breakdown and to separate primary and guest order costs when both are displayed. Planners will have the ability to include both primary and guest information, primary only, or guest only. The existing data tag that this is based on will continue to reside alongside the new one.