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Creating a Dashboard

NOTE This task requires assistance from your eComm Specialist.

Dashboards are an amazing Salesforce tool. They present your unit-specific data in an easily-digestible format that is perfect for sharing a summary of your success with other team members or campus leadership.

Here's an example of the dashboard that appears on the Salesforce homepage:

Salesforce Dashboard

While only eComm Specialists can create dashboards, there are several questions you can ask yourself before meeting with them that can help enable your success:

What am I trying to measure? What question or questions am I trying to answer?

  • Some examples of dashboard components that might fall into your answers are below.
  • What's my average open rate this year?
  • How do different audiences (alumni, employees, students, etc.) engage with my content?
  • Which audience engages with my content the most?
  • What days do we most often send messages?
  • Are our open and click rates improving over time?
  • Are a lot of contacts unsubscribing from my communications?

When you're ready to start talking about a dashboard for your unit, contact your eComm Specialist.

NOTE FOR ECOMM SPECIALISTS If you need assistance creating dashboards for your units, contact Melanie Jones to get started.