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How to Enroll - Open Enrollment 2024

Step 1: Log in to the portal

Access your campus portal at, select your campus, and enter your username and password.

If you need a login and password credentials, please see campus-specific assistance with your user ID and password.


Step 2: Find the Open Enrollment tile

Once you have logged in to the portal, select the CU Resources tab. (If you do not see a CU Resources tab, it is your homepage.)

On your homepage, select the Open Enrollment tile.

Open Enrollment

Select Open Enrollment.

Open Enrollment tile

Step 3: Authenticate your identity

When you try to access a protected page in the portal's CU Resources area, a page like the one below will appear. You will be asked to authenticate your identity.

Authentication page

You will have authentication two options: Receive a phone call or receive a text message with a passcode. 

Option 1: Receive a phone call

From the Device drop-down menu, select the phone number where you wish to be contacted. Select a device
Click the Call Me button. Call me
Answer the call, then press any key on your phone to log in.

The protected page will open.

Answered. Press any key on your phone to log in.

Option 2: Receive a text message with a passcode

From the Device drop-down menu, select the phone number where you wish to be contacted. Select a device
Click the Enter a Passcode button.
Enter a passcode
A blue bar will appear on the screen. Press the Text me new codes button. 

Text me new codes
You’ll receive a text message from CU with a passcode.

Enter the passcode and press the Log In button. 

The protected page will open.

Log in


Step 4: Follow the steps on the activity guide

Note: You'll need to read and accept the Acknowledgement before you can begin selecting your benefits.

Open Ernollment activity guide

Step 5: Choose your plans

All benefits plans for which you are eligible will be listed. On each tile, click the Review link to see your options, enroll, change or waive benefits plans.

Please note: If you are currently enrolled in a Flexible Spending Account — either the Health Care FSA or the Dependant Care FSA marked with red boxes below — you will need to re-enroll in order to have access to an FSA for the next plan year.

Benefits Enrollment Tool

Changing any of these benefits is simple. For example, if you select the Dental tile, you will reach a page where you can elect your plans and enroll any dependents you want covered. The first section you'll see on the Dental enrollment page is the Enroll Your Dependents section. Click Add/Update Dependent to reach a page where you can add dependents or update the information for any dependents or beneficiaries already listed on your plan.

Below the dependent enrollment section, you can choose among the available plans and select whether you want your coverage premiums deducted from your pay before or after your taxes are deducted. If you would like to see charts of the costs for each plan type and coverage level (individual, individual + spouse, etc.), click the "Overview of All Plans" button and a popup window will open.

You can compare medical plans within the portal. Select the plans you'd like to see, and you can compare rates, deductibles, urgent care costs and more within the portal.

Some plans will require you to list your primary care provider. You can use the Primary Care Provider List to find their provider ID. If you don't have a provider yet, you can choose one from the provider list and select "No" where it says "I have visisted this provider before."

Once you've finished making any elections or updates you wish to make on any given plan page, be sure to click Done in the upper right-hand corner of the enrollment page.

Step 6: Click Submit Enrollment

Review the page and verify that you have made all of your benefits selections.

To complete your enrollment, click the Submit Enrollment box on the bottom right of the page. 

Submit Enrollment

A message will appear that all benefit choices have been successfully submitted to the Employee Services benefits department. 

Submit enrollment sucessful

Step 7: Review your benefits

Once you submit your enrollment,  you'll recieve an email confirmation. In the enrollment tool, your Enrollment Summary status will show as Submitted.

Image of Submitted enrollment status

You may review your selections through the portal's Benefits Summary on the next business day.

To access your Benefits Summary: Select the Open Enrollment tile on your homepage and then select Benefits Summary.

To view your new elections, enter "7/1/2023" in the date field and press the Refresh button.


What do you want to do?

I want to enroll in benefits.

The benefits enrollment tool allows you to enter your benefit elections online for the plan year starting July 1 and ending June 30. Access it through the employee portal. See our step-by-step instructions on how to enroll on the first tab of this page.

Once you're logged in, you can view your current benefits (if you have any) and enroll in plans for the upcoming plan year. Once you've completed your enrollment, you can view your new enrollment elections right in the portal. This is your confirmation of enrollment.

Need the paper form?

The fastest way to complete your enrollment is by using the benefits enrollment tool, but for some tasks you will need a paper form. For a qualifying life event, complete one of benefits enrollment/change forms below to request your changes.


To check your benefits:

  • Once you've logged in to the employee portal, click on the CU Resources tab. (CU System employees can skip this step.)
  • You can find your benefits summary by clicking on the Open Enrollment tile, then selecting Benefits Summary.
  • To see your benefits for the current year, enter your benefits effective date (for example: "7/1/2024") and press Refresh.
  • You will then see an updated version of your benefits.

Retiree portal access

If you are a retiree who has never enrolled online, please review these instructions to get your portal username and password.

I want to add a dependent.

Eligible dependents include:

  • Spouses, Common-Law Spouses, Civil Union Partners and Domestic Partners
  • Dependent children up to age 27
  • Qualified disabled children over age 27

Complete the Dependent Eligibility Verification and submit it with the documentation listed upon completion of your self-service elections. Documentation must be received by Employee Services by your enrollment deadline or within 31 days of a qualifying event.

Dependents only have to be verified once; verification carries over year-to-year.

I want to change benefits as part of a qualifying event.

Qualifying life events include marriage, divorce, birth, gaining/losing other coverage, gaining/losing eligibility, change in employee residence and changes in dependent care needs.

For a qualifying event, complete a Benefits Enrollment/Change Form to make benefits changes that are effective before July 1.

I want to increase my employee or spouse optional life coverage.

  • To apply to increase your coverage, you must submit a Medical History Statement Form to The Standard Insurance Company as evidence of insurability (EOI).  If you are approved, Standard will notify CU, and you will be enrolled in the approved amount on the first of the month following the date of your approval.
  • If you want to remain enrolled, but would like to decrease your coverage, you may do so using the Benefits Enrollment tool within the employee portal.


This table shows the plan(s) in which you will be automatically enrolled if you do not take action during the enrollment period.

Start by locating your current plan(s) in the left column.

2024-25 Auto-Enrollment
What happens if you take no action
2023-24 Enrollment Status Eligible Participant 2024-25 Default
Medical Plans
Waived medical coverage All members Waived coverage continues
CU Health Plan - Exclusive Active faculty and staff, GMEs, retirees and surviving spouses who are not eligible for Medicare Same plan and coverage level
CU Health Plan - Extended
CU Health Plan - Kaiser
CU Health Plan - High Deductible 
CU Health Plan - Medicare Medicare-eligible retirees and surviving spouses
CU Health Plan - Medicare/High Deductible Retirees and surviving spouses when at least one member is Medicare-eligible
Alternate Medicare Payment (AMP) Medicare-eligible retirees and surviving spouses
Dental Plans
Waived dental coverage All members Waived coverage continues
Active faculty and staff, GMEs, retirees and surviving spouses who are not eligible for Medicare

CU Health Plan - Essential
Same plan and coverage level
CU Health Plan - Choice Same plan and coverage level

CU Health Plan - Dental Premier
Retirees and surviving spouses when at least one member is Medicare-eligible
Same plan and coverage level
Waived vision coverage All members Waived coverage continues
CU Health Plan Vision All benefits-eligible faculty, staff and GMEs Same plan and coverage level
Life Plans
Waived Optional Life coverage(s) Faculty, staff and retirees Waived coverage continues
CU Basic Term Life Faculty and staff and retirees Same plan, same coverage level, same rate level (smoker/nonsmoker, if applicable) as long as you remain enrolled in Optional Life plan
CU Optional Term Life - Employee and Retiree
CU Optional Life - Spouse Faculty and staff
CU Optional Life - Dependent Child
CU Free 10k Optional Life
Voluntary Accidental Death & Dismemberment - Employee
Voluntary Accidental Death & Dismemberment - Spouse
Voluntary Accidental Death & Dismemberment - Dependent Child
PERA Optional Life
Waived Classified Staff Long-Term Disability Classified staff members Waived coverage continues
Waived Faculty/University Staff Short-Term Disability Eligible faculty and university staff members
Faculty/University Staff Short-Term Disability Eligible faculty and university staff members  Same plan
Faculty/University Staff Long-Term Disability
Classified Staff Short-Term Disability Eligible classified staff members
Classified Staff Long-Term Disability
Cafeteria Plans
Premium Only Plan Active faculty, staff and GMEs Same plan
Health Care Flexible Spending Account Not enrolled for plan year 2024-25
Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account