The process for hiring a CU retiree varies according to a number of factors, as outlined below.

EIN (Employer Identification Number) 

Note: Individuals/sole proprietors who operate under an EIN are not subject to Scope of Work review. However, active PERA members who operate under an EIN must complete the Disclosure of Compensation form (available online at and email it to Employee Services at

Independent Contractor – SSN (Social Security Number)

If the retiree is a proposed independent contractor, operating under a Social Security Number (SSN), the department follows the Scope of Work process outlined in the PSC Procedural Statement Scope of Work (SOW)/Independent Contractor, including submitting the SOW form to Employee Services at

Employee Services evaluates the completed SOW form and determines if the retiree should be paid through CU Marketplace or through payroll.

If it is determined that the retiree should be paid through CU Marketplace, the department invites the retiree to register in the CU Supplier Portal.

Note: If the retiree is using a University email address (;;;, the department should not send an invitation directly to the retiree. (This is because the supplier portal blocks University email addresses at the invitation stage.) Instead, the department should email and request that a retiree profile be established (identifying the retiree’s name, email address, and employee ID). The PSC will create a retiree profile and notify the requesting department, who can then send an invitation to the retiree following the instructions provided. 

Also note: To ensure prompt payment, the retiree’s address in the CU Supplier Portal should match the retiree’s address in the University HCM system. If it is determined that the retiree should be paid through payroll (if an employer-employee relationship  exists), Employee Services notifies the department of the proper course of action to establish the retiree on payroll.