Doing Business with CU

Most supplier relationships are established within the departments on the four CU campuses. To be an established supplier, you must be invited by a CU department.

CU Supplier Portal

The CU Supplier Portal is available through the University's eProcurement system, CU Marketplace. As an external supplier, register in the CU Supplier Portal to do the following:

  • Register online to become a supplier with CU (this is done by invite only). 
  • Manage supplier information, such as addresses, contacts, and diversity classification
  • View and respond to University solicitations on CU's BidNet Website.
  • Submit invoices and view invoice status online (this access replaces the need to submit to or to contact the University for invoice status information). Available Late 2024

Individual Payees

If a department wishes to issue you an Honorarium, you will receive an invitation to register as an Individual supplier in the CU Marketplace. Individual suppliers are a condensed registration that is not required to provide as much information as a Company or an Independent Contractor that receives a Purchase Order. Follow the registration steps noted here (Individual Registration Knowledge Article) and in the video below:

Companies/Organizations and Independent Contractors

If your company/organization is working with a CU department, or you are working under a Scope of Work, you will need to complete a Company/Independent Contractor registration. This registration collects more information, such as what types of goods/services you will be providing the University, Small Business designations, and more.  Follow the registration steps noted here (Company/Independent Contractor Knowledge Article) and in the video below:

Documents Necessary for Supplier Registration

United States Individuals and Organizations

Please note that individuals doing business as an Individual/Sole Proprietor or Single-Member LLC are required to do business under their Social Security Number and will register using their legal name 

W-9 (US entity)

Non-US Individuals and Organizations

For additional guidance on international tax, contact the International Tax team

W-8BEN (Foreign Individual)

W-8BEN-E (Foreign Entity)

Small and Diverse Business Certifications

Certifications (Information from the Office of Economic Development and International Trade)