The University’s managed travel program provides employees access to the Concur Travel & Expense System (Concur) for online domestic and international bookings as well as access to full-service support from Christopherson Business Travel (CBT) agents for personalized travel assistance and/or assistance with group travel needs.

The fares available in the Concur system and visible to the travel agents at CBT reflect the university’s negotiated rates with our various airline partners. All airfare purchases should be made through the University travel program resources to leverage these favorable prices, as well as to ensure the Travel program has accurate information with which to perform our duty of care.

If you believe you have found an airfare purchase outside of Concur that cannot be replicated in the university travel program (in Concur or with a CBT agent), it is important that you review the Internet Airfare policy and the PSC Procedural Statement on Travel before making the purchase to ensure your purchase will be reimbursed.

Logging into the Concur Travel & Expense System

All CU employees have access to the Concur Travel and Expense System through their campus portal.

Log in to your campus portal and on the CU Resources Home tab, click the Concur Travel & Expense System tile.

Getting Started in Concur: Complete Your Profile

Update your profile and manage your delegates and travel arrangers within the Concur Travel & Expense System. The following knowledge articles will show you how:

Booking a Trip

Concur is available to book airline tickets, hotels, and/or rental cars for employees or for official university guests. All CU negotiated rates for airfare, hotels, and rental cars are available through the Concur online booking tool, and there is no fee for the booking charged to the department. Airfare bookings made in Concur will be automatically charged to the centrally managed Airfare Card by the system and imported to the traveler’s (or travel arranger’s) Concur profile for employee reconciliation.

Please refer to the following links for detailed instructions on booking in Concur:

Making Changes to a Trip Including Cancellations

Airline, hotel, and rental car bookings made in Concur can also be modified or canceled directly in Concur. Please pay special attention to the cancellation terms on your reservations to avoid paying any associated penalties. You can also contact a Christopherson Business Travel (CBT) agent directly for changes or cancellations – cancellation terms will still apply.

If the travel date is within 72 hours, modification options may be limited in Concur. In this case, the traveler should reach out to CBT directly for any last minute itinerary changes.

Activating E-Receipts

Some hotels and car rental agencies provide e-receipts directly through the expense management system. When a traveler signs up for e-receipts in their profile, the provided e-receipts will be automatically matched with the associated itineraries and expense reports. When enabled and available from the supplier, the e-receipt icon will appear next to any transaction with an e-receipt provided. 

Activating E-Receipts

The Airfare Card

The Airfare Card is a centrally managed card account used exclusively by the university’s travel management company, Christopherson Business Travel (CBT), to pay for airline and other common carrier tickets for university travelers. When an employee (or their travel arranger) books an airline ticket through Concur Travel or with a CBT travel agent directly, the airfare is charged to the Airfare Card in our system. 

Similar to employee Travel Card transactions, Airfare Card transactions are subsequently imported into the appropriate employee’s Concur profile for reconciliation along with any other Travel Card and/or cash/out-of-pocket (personally paid) expenses related to the trip.

If you are expecting an Airfare Card transaction in your Concur profile, and it has not appeared after 7-10 business days, please reach out to for further investigation. Additionally, if you find an Airfare Card transaction in Concur that you do not recognize, contact for assistance.