Vision, Mission, and Core Values for CU's Procurement Service Center


The Procurement Service Center (PSC) will be a center of excellence that delivers easy to use, reliable and value-added procurement activities with outstanding customer service. Through collaboration, innovation and technology, the PSC supports the University’s vision of expanding student success, diversity and the local economy.


The Procurement Service Center (PSC) serves the University of Colorado through leadership of high-quality services related to spend management, contracting, procure-to-pay and travel management activities, supporting the University’s mission of advancing research and knowledge, and state-of-the-art health care.

Core Values: BE PSC

  • Be Forward Thinking: Drive innovation by continually asking why, thinking about, and planning for the future.   
  • Embrace Transparency​: Frequently and consistently communicate information, knowledge & strategy necessary to foster a culture of trust and to ensure we make informed decisions. 
  • Practice Integrity​: Conduct ourselves in an honest and ethical manner to generate trust and respect.
  • Support our Customers​: Engage actively with our customers and stakeholders to anticipate and address their needs in an evolving environment. 
  • Celebrate Diversity: Promote an environment that encourages & cultivates equal opportunities and embraces diversity of thought, culture, and people.  Foster an environment in which all individuals are valued, all are included, and all are able to achieve their full potential.