International AP Payments to Individuals

The University issues payments five days a week (Monday through Friday) excluding University holidays. There are occasions when it becomes necessary to cancel a payment made by check completely or reissue a payment that has not yet been cashed. 

Warrant Adjustment Form

To request cancellation or reissue of a check (warrant) payment, the Warrant Adjustment form is utilized. The Warrant Adjustment Form (WA) is appropriate for: 

  • Cancelling a check (warrant). Justification for the cancellation must be provided on the WA Form. 
  • Requesting a check be reissued to a payee with no changes to the payee’s name (other than a simple typo) or payment amount.  
  • Requesting a check be reissued to a new payee address. Provide the new address on the WA form, and Payables will process the new payment.  
  • Requesting a check be cancelled and payment be resubmitted as a wire transfer.  Refer to  PSC Procedural Statement: Wire Transfers for more information. 

If the payment amount or the payee’s name needs to be changed from the originally issued check, the WA form can be submitted to cancel the original payment. However, a new payment request must be submitted for processing under the new payee name and/or for the new amount. Payee name and payment amount cannot be modified from the original payment. 

Warrant Adjustment Forms are submitted to and are processed within 10 days of receipt. 

Stale-Dated Checks

A stale-dated check is one that has not been cashed nor deposited long after the date issued. Checks issued by the University of Colorado will stale-date after 120 days if they have gone uncashed by the payee. This means even if the check is deposited 120 days after the date issued, it will not be honored by our bank. The PSC actively works with departments/payees to prevent PSC-processed payments from stale-dating. Once a payment has stale-dated, however, a WA form is required for the payment to be reissued or otherwise cancelled completely if no longer needed. 

Cancelling and Reissuing Payment Plus Payments

When suppliers are registered to receive payments through the Payment Plus virtual card program, the PSC works directly with the suppliers to ensure their payments are redeemed. A WA form is not required for payments made through the Payment Plus program, and if a supplier is unable to locate their payment email, or if their payment was declined, they should contact directly for assistance.