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We are working to further incorporate sustainable best practices into how we support and guide purchases

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CU Sustainability Steering Committee

This committee brings together sustainability leaders from the CU full system to discuss sustainability collaboration opportunities.
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The University of Colorado (CU) and the PSC both recognize their responsibility to minimize negative impacts on human health and the environment while supporting a diverse, equitable, and vibrant community and economy.

Sustainable Procurement Program Vision

The University of Colorado fully integrates sustainability into procurement to be a force for good by supporting a healthy and thriving local economy and community, minimizing negative environmental, social, and economic procurement-related impacts, and developing a campus-wide culture that understands the power of sustainable purchasing. Through total cost of ownership reductions, CU Procurement will help enable broader sustainability initiatives across the CU system.

The University of Colorado (CU) is a national leader in higher education sustainability practices. CU can expand its status as a leader in this field by fully developing its sustainable procurement program and maximize the amount of good from that spend.

Every day, thousands of CU employees purchase goods and services that have economic, social, and environmental impacts. Sustainable procurement is the adoption and integration of sustainability principles into procurement processes and decisions, while also ensuring they meet the requirements of the University and its stakeholders.

The ultimate goal we are always striving for as the PSC is that purchased goods and services generate benefits, not only for the organization, but also for the environment, society, and the economy.

For questions about CU’s sustainable purchasing program, contact the Sustainability Strategic Sourcing Specialist, Sustainability, Hunter Mangrum.

To learn more campus specific sustainability information, visit their webpage:

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