Procurement contracts for goods or services in any dollar amount must be reviewed and signed by the PSC prior to the required date of service. Refer to the Administrative Policy Statement Contracting Authority for further information.

Commodity PSC Contact
Advertising Kyle Jimenez
Animals Kirk Miller
Apparel & Uniforms Sabrina Stewart
Art Equipment & Supplies Katie Wilson
Athletic Equipment, Supplies, Service Jenny Casanova
Audiovisual Equipment, Supplies, Service Chrissy Alexander
Angela Penzo 
Background Checking Katie Wilson
Carpeting Katie Wilson
Catering Sabrina Stewart
Cellular Phone and PDA Service Sabrina Stewart
Charter Service Angela Penzo
Chemicals Kirk Miller
Alyssa Sly
Computer Hardware Chrissy Alexander
Angela Penzo 
Copiers - Rental (Multi-Function Devices) & Toner Cartridges Sabrina Stewart
Dental Equipment & Supplies Kirk Miller
Alyssa Sly
Document Destruction Services Druselle May
Document Storage Services Druselle May
Event Equipment - Rental Sabrina Stewart
Event Registration Services Chrissy Alexander
Angela Penzo 
Facilities & Grounds (All Campuses) Druselle May
Food & Beverages Cristal Swain
Furniture Druselle May
Gases - Medical & Industrial Alyssa Sly
Hotels/Lodging Sabrina Stewart
Housing Maintenance Druselle May
Insurance Katie Wilson
International Orders see How to Buy
Laboratory Equipment, Supplies, & Glassware Kirk Miller
Alyssa Sly
Laboratory Equipment Service Agreements Kirk Miller
Alyssa Sly
Laundry Equipment, Supplies, Service Katie Wilson
Leases Property Druselle May
Library Equipment & Supplies Chrissy Alexander
Medical/Surgical Kirk Miller
Alyssa Sly
Moving Druselle May
Music Equipment & Supplies Katie Wilson
Office Supplies Sabrina Stewart
Official Functions Sabrina Stewart
Parking Equipment, Supplies, Service Katie Wilson
Police & Security Equipment, Supplies, Services Katie Wilson
Printing & Publications Sabrina Stewart
Professional Search Firm Services Katie Wilson
Professional Services from Companies see How to Buy
Promotional Items Sabrina Stewart
Services from Individuals Katie Wilson
Shipping & Mailing Services Druselle May
Signage Druselle May
Software/License Agreements Chrissy Alexander
Angela Penzo 
Telecom Equipment, Supplies, Service Chrissy Alexander
Angela Penzo 
Temporary Employment Services Katie Wilson
Theatre Equipment & Supplies Katie Wilson
Training Services Katie Wilson
Travel (International Studies) Katie Wilson
Vehicles Druselle May
Waste Disposal Druselle May