Travel Pre-Approvals for Non-Employees

For domestic and international travel by non-employees, the sponsoring department is responsible for establishing the process for review and approval of the travel outside the Concur system. This approval should be obtained in writing and provided to CBT (if booking through an agent) or attached to the subsequent Concur expense report (for non-employee reconciliations and/or reimbursements). 

Students who are traveling on official university business should follow the guidelines for non-employee travel. 

Student employees traveling for their employment should follow the guidelines for employee travel for both approvals and reimbursement. 

Booking Non-Employee Travel

When using university funds to pay for a non-employee’s trip, the sponsoring unit has three options for booking travel:

  1. Completing a Guest Booking in Concur: A travel arranger can use the Concur Travel & Expense System (Concur) to book travel for a non-employee. In Concur, this is known as "Guest Booking” and access can be granted to individuals who need this role by emailing There is no service or agent fee charged to the department when booking guest airfare in Concur
  2. Authorize the non-employee to book their own travel through Christopherson Business Travel: The department can authorize the non-employee to work directly with a Christopherson Business Travel (CBT) agent by submitting CBT's Non-Employee Travel Request form. A $20 service fee will be charged to the department when airfare is booked through a CBT agent.
  3. Allow the non-employee to make their own travel arrangements and the department will request reimbursement. The University’s managed travel program allows non-employees to make their own travel arrangements. They do not need comparison quotes from CBT in order to purchase their own airline tickets if they are paying directly and seeking reimbursement after the trip. Non-employee travel reimbursement can be processed on the Non-Employee report. This will result in payment going directly to the non-employee for reimbursement.  For non-employees who are non-U.S. persons or those with a non-U.S. address, reimbursement must be requested on the Non-Employee Reimbursement-International (NRI) form.  Additional information can be found in Reconciling Non-Employee Travel.

Important Note on Independent Contractors 

When working with an Independent Contractor under the the Scope of Work (SOW) process, the non-employee's travel expenses must be identified on the SOW form and included as part of the procurement and payment for the contracted services. Non-employee travel expenses related to the SOW for an independent contractor cannot be reimbursed through Concur nor the NRI form.

Preferred Hotel Program (Local Stays) 

The Procurement Service Center’s Travel Program has established relationships with many local hotels in and around Boulder, the Denver-metro area, and Colorado Springs to provide a local preferred hotel program that benefits our traveling university guests. Our negotiated rates at these preferred hotels are lower than the rates typically available at these properties and, in some cases, they include additional negotiated values such as extra amenities for our visiting guests.  

Please refer to the Preferred Hotel Program page for more information on participating vendors and how to leverage the partner rates.