About the Procurement Service Center

What is Procurement?

Procurement is defined as buying, purchasing, renting, leasing, or otherwise acquiring goods or services. The term includes all functions that pertain to the obtaining of goods or services, including description of requirements, selection/solicitation of sources, preparation/award of contracts, contract administration, and payment to the supplier.

What is the PSC?

The PSC is a University of Colorado System office charged with administering purchasing and payable functions for all campuses. The PSC helps departments obtain the best value for every dollar while complying with applicable rules.


  • Small Business Program
    Maximizes opportunities for small business concerns to participate in the university's business of procuring goods and services at all dollar levels, regardless of fund source.
  • Sustainable Purchasing Program
    Serves the university community by educating, advising, and engaging students, faculty, and staff in the application of ecological principles to achieve green purchasing solutions. Green purchasing refers to the procurement of products and services that have reduced effect on human health and the environment when compared with competing products and services that serve the same purpose.
  • Commercial Card Program
    Administers the university's procurement card used by departments to place small-dollar (up to $5,000) orders directly with suppliers, and the university's travel card, used by individuals to cover most university travel expenses.
  • Travel Program
    Designed to meet the travel needs of all individuals who travel on official university business, including booking travel and reconciling travel expenses.
  • Strategic Procurement
    The Strategic Procurement team focuses on identifying ideal supplier partnerships, adding value into each phase of the procurement process, and developing new strategies to find cost reductions for departments. We obtain feedback from campus customers about these key suppliers through a variety of on-campus events and surveys, and incorporate data and business analyses throughout all of these activities.


  • Procurement Services
    Responsible for the procurement of large-dollar (over $10,000) items, PSC purchasing agents interpret and apply federal, state, and university rules/regulations to ensure accountability to the public, fairness to the business community, and a favorable purchasing environment for university departments.
  • Contract Services
    PSC contract administrators prepare and review contracts for goods and services, as well as ensure legal rules and guidelines are followed.
  • Procurement and Sourcing
    The PSC is responsible for management of the university's procurement systems, including CU Marketplace, ImageNow, and Concur Travel & Expense System. The PSC also facilitates orientation sessions for suppliers.
  • Payment Services
    The PSC is responsible for the entire liability of the university outside of payroll, including reimbursement to travelers for authorized travel expenses. With few exceptions (campus bookstore/libraries), all payments for university goods and services are processed by Payable Services.
  • Business Intelligence
    The Procurement Business Intelligence team provides insights into spending activity, trends, purchasing behavior, supplier intelligence and supply chain health, that supports decision making, strategic sourcing and continuous improvement activities across all phases of the procure-to-pay process.  Our team also develops solutions that foster a data-centric and self-service reporting environment across the university.
  • PSC Service Desk
    The PSC Service Desk provides one-on-one assistance with Concur, CU Marketplace, and related policies and forms. The PSC Service Desk can also help with enrolling in training sessions, locating online courses, and finding additional resources and guidance. To contact the PSC Service Desk, email psc@cu.edu or call 303.837.2161.