Non-employee travel expenses can be reimbursed through the Concur Travel & Expense System (Concur) or through the Non-Employee Reimbursement-International (NRI) form

When an employee prepares a Non-Employee Expense report in Concur or a Non-Employee Reimbursement International (NRI) form, it is the employee’s responsibility to ensure the travel expenses submitted for reimbursement are appropriately documented and aligned with the university’s travel policy. Non-employees are expected to follow the same travel policy and procedure as employees traveling for university business. Non-employees can purchase airfare outside the travel program, but other travel policy violations could result in the report or form being returned to the submitting employee for correction.

To reimburse independent contractors for any costs associated with an SOW, refer to the Employee Services page on Hiring an Independent Contractor.

When non-employee travel expenses include payments made in other (non-USD) currencies, the exchange rate and any associated fees must be documented as part of the reimbursement request. When submitting in Concur, the built-in currency converter will assist with processing each transaction appropriately. When submitting on an NRI form, a currency conversion site such as Oanda should be used to document each transaction reimbursed on the form. The calculation must be backdated to the date the expense was incurred, and there must be a separate conversion document included for each transaction in the report.

When to Use Concur for Non-Employee Travel Expenses

The Non-Employee Expenses report in Concur can be used for reimbursing and reconciling most non-employee travel expenses and processing refunds to non-employees. Airfare card and travel card expenses related to non-employee travel can be reconciled in Concur on the Non-Employee Expenses report.

There are two conditions that must be met to submit non-employee travel expenses and/or non-employee refunds in Concur:

Note: If the trip is canceled, for any reason, CU cannot reimburse the non-employee for the cost of airfare.

When to Use the Non-Employee Reimbursement International (NRI) Form for Non-Employee Travel Expenses

The NRI form is used to reimburse travel expenses to non-employees in limited situations where:

  • The payee is a non-U.S. person; and/or
  • The payee does not have a U.S. address.

Note: If the trip is canceled, for any reason, CU cannot reimburse the non-employee for the cost of airfare.