Effective Date: 1/06/2020


  • To cancel a check (i.e., warrant). 
  • To request reissue of the payment when the payee name and payment amount remain the same. 
  • To request reissue when the payment requires a new address only (provide the new address on the WA and Payables will process the new payment). 
  • Note: If either the payment amount or the payee name changes from the original check, submit a WA to cancel the original payment and submit a new payment request for processing.

Stale-Dated Checks: PSC checks will stale date after 120 days if they have gone uncashed by the payee. The PSC actively works with departments/payees to prevent payments from stale dating. A WA is required if a stale-dated payment needs to be cancelled without reissue, or to update an address and reissue the payment.

Download the Warrant Adjustment form below

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