Effective Date: July 1, 2019


According to University of Colorado Fiscal Procedures, a purchase order or other commitment voucher is not required for a very limited number of specific disbursements. This PSC Procedural Statement sets forth University requirements for use of the Payment Voucher form or Payment Authorization form to process invoices when a purchase order or other commitment voucher is not applicable.

The Procedural Statement is divided into the following sections:

A. General Requirements
B. Form Requirements
C. Procedures for Payment Voucher/Payment Authorization Usage (Table of Allowable Goods and Services)

Terms Used in This Procedural Statement

Italicized terms are defined in the Policy Glossary. Underlined terms are defined in the Finance and Procurement Procedure Glossary.


Procedural Statement

A. General Requirements

The specific goods and services listed in the following table may be authorized for payment using the designated form (Payment Voucher or Payment Authorization). Purchases must comply with the PSC Procedural Statement (PPS) Sensitive Expenses and with University of Colorado Procurement Rules and University of Colorado Fiscal Procedures.

  • Except where limited for a specific item (as noted in the Table, below), the disbursement can be made in any dollar amount.
  • The Payment Voucher and Payment Authorization forms must be supported by vendor invoice unless specifically exempted in the Table and, where identified, must be supported by the specified information or documentation. The PSC has the right to request additional information or approvals for an expenditure when, in the opinion of the PSC, a specific expense warrants additional support.
  • If using Agency Funds (Fund 80) that the University maintains for legally separate External Student Organizations or other entities – with the exception of University of Colorado Medicine (CU Medicine) funds – the Payment Authorization form is allowed to purchase all types of goods and services, in any dollar amount. Vendor invoice or other supporting documentation is required.


B. Form Requirements

The Payment Voucher (PV) form – as well as the specialized Library Materials Payment Voucher form – are online in the CU Marketplace. The requester logs in to the Marketplace, fills out the form, attaches the invoice and/or other required documentation, and submits it for processing by the PSC.
The Payment Authorization (PA) form is an Excel document on the PSC web site, www.cu.edu/psc. The requester opens the form from the web, fills it out, and submits the duly approved form to the PSC (by scanning and emailing it, or by sending in campus mail).


C. Procedures for Payment Voucher/Authorization Use

See Table of Allowable Goods and Services, below.



Unless approved by the Associate Vice President/Chief Procurement Officer, there are no exceptions to this procedural statement.


Related Administrative Policy Statements (APS), PSC Procedural Statements (PPS), Finance Procedural Statements (FPS), Other Policies and Procedures

Related APS, PPS, and/or FPS are presented in Section A, and - as appropriate for specific goods and services listed–are referenced in the Table in Section C. All purchases must comply with University of Colorado Procurement Rules, University of Colorado Fiscal Procedures, and the guidelines contained on the PSC website.



Additional related forms, as appropriate for specific goods and services listed, are referenced in the Table of Allowable Goods and Services.


Table of Allowable Goods and Services–Payment Authorization Use

The following items may be paid using the Payment Authorization (PA) form. This is an Excel form on the PSC Forms webpage.



Documentation Requirements
(invoice always
required except as


Restrictions on
Procurement Method







Cash Awards

No invoice required

PPS Recognition and Training

See also Participant Stipends, below

CU student awards
and scholarships require approval of
campus Financial Aid Office


Fund 80 Disbursements

Invoice and/or supporting
documentation according to item

Not CU Medicine/UPI Fund 80



Participant Stipends

Explanation of purpose of stipend

Must use Account value in
range 495301-495303 or 495306-495309



Payroll-Related Disbursements

Agreed-upon ES documentation

Used only by Employee Services (ES)



Petty Cash

Petty Cash/Change Fund Request
(PCCF) form for
initial or modified
fund requests

Limited to authorized amount of the fund

See PPS Petty Cash and Change Funds




Proof that initial payment was
received and refund is appropriate




Student Recruitment
Host Per Diems

Fully executed agreement between
student host and organizational unit detailing
responsibilities/activity dates; no receipts required

Limited to $30 per recruit



Technology Transfer Office Payments
(Investment and Distribution Payments)

Calculation worksheet for
individuals/fully executed contract
for payments to organizations

Used only by Technology Transfer Office


Table of Allowable Goods and Services–Payment Voucher Use

The following items may be paid using the Payment Voucher (PV) form. This is an online form in the CU Marketplace.



Documentation Requirements
(invoice always
required except as


Restrictions on
Procurement Method


Athletic Revenue-Sharing Agreements

Copy of complete fully executed
and revenue-sharing calculation worksheet

Used only by UCB and UCCS Athletics



Building and Construction Permits and Fees


Used only by campus Facilities Management Office



Conference and Event Registrations


PPS Recognition and Training

Procurement Card use preferred


Donations and Contributions
(including tables)

3rd party documentation of
donation request

APS Donations

Must be paid directly to entity (reimbursement not allowed)



Dues and Memberships


APS License and Certification Fees, Memberships, or Dues

Procurement Card use preferred



Over $100 requires
Honorarium (HNR) form

Token payment, used to reward individuals for one-time services (e.g., a guest lecture)

An honorarium cannot exceed $5,000

An honorarium over $2,000 requires officer signature on HNR form

See also Independent Contractor Services, below



Fees Required to Conduct Study/Work


PPS Sensitive Expenses



Independent Contractor Services

Scope of Work (SOW) form
in addition to vendor invoice

Paid to individuals/sole proprietors operating under Social Security Numbers

Limited to $10,000 total (payment for services plus any reimbursements)

See also Honoraria, above



Lab Specimens and Organs


Does not include cadavers or body parts

Does not include human fetal tissue

Procurement Card use preferred

Marketplace must be used (Procurement Card cannot be used to purchase human fetal tissue)


Library Materials (Library collection resources, including but not limited to: books, periodicals, newspapers, audiovisual materials, computer files, maps, prints, CDs, cassettes, videotapes, DVDs, manuscripts, datasets, and documents in any format; databases and other electronic collections and resources as subscriptions or purchases; memberships that enable acquisitions or access to resources; and collection access, maintenance, and preservation resources and services)

Must be submitted on the Library Materials Payment Voucher form (not on the regular Payment Voucher form)

Used only by campus libraries

Procurement Card use preferred


License/Certification Fees


APS License and Certification Fees, Memberships, or Dues

Procurement Card use preferred


Lodging Deposits


Only one night per room

Traveler can instead use
Corporate Travel Card


Performance Contracts

Copy of complete fully executed

Paid to individuals

Limited to $10,000 total
(including any reimbursements)



Postage, Freight, or Other Delivery
Charges (including Messenger Fees)





a.  Postage Other than Meter Machines



Procurement Card use preferred


b. Postmaster Large-Dollar Payments to Feed Machine

When Post Office receipt is
subsequently obtained,
that receipt must be
retained in department files




Sales Tax Remittances

Appropriate locality’s sales tax
remittance form




Service Fees to Medical Affiliates
only, for Specialized Lab, Testing, and Analytical Services; and for Medical Services and Related Expenses


Used only for medical affiliates



Payments to reimburse
Area Health Education Centers
(Regional AHECs)
for Housing-Related Invoices


Used only by the Colorado AHEC Program Office



State of Colorado Interagency Agreements





a. AHEC (Auraria Higher Education Consortium) Payments


Used only by the appropriate campus Finance Office



b. CSPH (Colorado School of Public Health)
Tuition and Fee Payments


Used only by CSPH

Requires authorization by CSPH financial administrator and campus controller



Any Purchase not
Specified in (24.a-b), above

Complete fully executed interagency
agreement in addition to vendor invoice,
documentation identifying readily
available good or service sold by the
State of Colorado and the fee charged
for it

Does not include purchases from Department of Corrections (CCI)

Does not include subcontracts to other State agencies

Procurement Card use preferred





Procurement Card use preferred


Tickets to Allow Admission to Events


See also Donations and Contributions, above

Procurement Card use preferred







a. Water, gas, and electric service



Procurement Card use preferred


b. Telecommunications (e.g., land- line telephone, internet)


PPS Sensitive Expenses

Does not include cellular or wireless telecommunications

Procurement Card use preferred