Used to request the establishment or modification of a petty cash fund or change fund, and to accept custody of that fund.

Download: Petty Cash/Change Fund Request (PCCF) Form


Effective Date: 07/01/2019  (Form revised 05/01/2024 to show OUC branding.) 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who needs to sign this form ... and what do I do with it, then?
A: The Custodian's signature is required. Someone in a position of authority for your department needs to provide the Organizational Unit Authorizing Signature; this might be the head of your department or other person.

Approval is then required from the campus controller's (finance) office and (depending on fund) from sponsored projects or other office. When the PCCF form is fully signed/approved: submit PCCF and a Payment Authorization form to the Procurement Service Center at

Q: How do I get the funds -- by direct deposit or by check?
A: The Payment Authorization (PA) form is made payable to the designated custodian (e.g., John Doe, Petty Cash Custodian), at the organizational unit address, using Account ChartField 000200 (Petty Cash) or 000300 (Change Fund). The PSC sends a warrant (check) to the custodian, and the custodian cashes the warrant at the campus bursar's office.

Q: Are there related resources on how/when to use this form?
A: Yes! See the Finance Procedural Statement Petty Cash and Change Funds for additional details. 

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