Used to provide to entities who request a copy of the University's signed W-9 form (entity wants to purchase goods or services from CU).

Download: W-9 (Signed by CU) Form


Effective Date: 4/29/2024 (Current version of IRS form, signed by University Controller.) 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I get a CU W-9 that is dated today?"

A: The CU W-9 is signed and published on the OUC website annually. This is the version of the form you should provide to an external entity that wishes to purchase goods or services from your org unit. If you have questions about getting a more recently dated CU W-9, contact

Q: Can I get a CU W-9 with my department name/address on it instead of the University name? 
A: The signed CU W-9 contains the legal name and address of the University of Colorado; this is the most appropriate presentation on the Form W-9 and therefore, this version of the form should be provided when requested. If you have questions, contact

Q: Can I sign a W-9 for CU, myself?
A: No. The W-9 can only be signed by individuals who have the University's consent.

Q: An external entity is purchasing from our department and they want us to fill out a special W-9 form unique to them - what do I do?
A: See instructions about filling out a "Substitute W-9 (Signed by CU)."  

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