Refer to these instructions if an external entity wants to purchase goods or services from CU and asks your organizational unit to fill out a specialized W-9 form for CU.

 Your org unit should begin by providing the standard W-9 (Signed by CU). If the entity purchasing goods or services from your org unit states that they require a specialized W-9 form to be completed by CU:

  • You can fill out the substitute W-9 form. You must enter certain key pieces of information as described below.
  • Your campus controller's office can sign the substitute W-9 form.

Key Information on a Substitute W-9 Form:

  • For Vendor Name - Provide the legal name of the University: "The Regents of the University of Colorado."
  • For Federal Tax Classification - Check 'Other' and indicate "State Institution of Higher Learning."
  • For Exemptions information - Identify Exempt Payee Code of "3" and FATCA Reporting Code of "C."
  • For Address - You can include your org unit's name, along with address. 
  • For Tax ID Number (also referred to as Federal Employer Identification Number or FEIN) - Provide the University's FEIN: "84-6000555."
  • For Payment Method (e.g., pay by check), Primary Contact Person, where to send payment, and other information requested - Work with your campus controller’s office to determine how to complete these fields, if present.

Campus Controller's Office Contacts:

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